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Alberta Distillers

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  • Gold Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Gold and Platinum at SIP Award, Gold at World Whisky Awards,
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  • 1521 34 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1V9, Canada

Alberta Distillers

History of Alberta Distillers

Founding and Early Years

Alberta Distillers was founded in 1946 by oilman Frank M. McMahon and B.C. distiller George H. Reifel. It holds the distinction of being the first and oldest distiller in the province of Alberta. Located in the Alyth/Bonnybrook industrial area, the factory still maintains some of its original polished-hardwood floors.

Growth and Expansion

From its modest beginnings with four fermenters and six small tanks, Alberta Distillers has significantly expanded its operations. Today, the distillery boasts over 30 product and processing tanks and has 450,000 barrels aging across 10 warehouse buildings. This growth underscores the distillery’s evolution from a local player to a significant global presence.

Product Innovation

Alberta Distillers is renowned for its focus on value-priced whiskies, such as Alberta Premium, and is particularly noted for its 100-per cent-rye whisky, a Canadian specialty. This focus on rye mashing has gained them a formidable reputation, especially in global markets.

Current Status

Despite its long history and significant contributions to the whisky industry, Alberta Distillers maintains a somewhat low profile in its home city of Calgary. However, the distillery’s products are distributed worldwide, demonstrating its global reach and influence in the spirits industry.

Awards Won by Alberta Distillers

  1. Alberta Pure Vodka:
    • Award: Gold Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition
    • Features: Triple-distilled, cold-filtered, uses locally sourced grains and glacier water.
  2. Alberta Premium (100% Rye Whisky):
    • Recognition: World’s No.1 selling 100% rye whisky
    • Awards: Gold and Platinum at SIP Awards, Gold at ISC.
  3. Alberta Premium Cask Strength:
    • Purpose: Innovation in Canadian Whisky category
    • Awards: Gold at IWSC, Double Gold at SIP Awards, Gold at ISC, Gold at World Whisky Award.
  4. Alberta Springs (Rye Blend):
    • Description: Full-bodied, aged for ten years.
  5. Banff Ice Vodka:
    • Characteristics: Noted for smoothness and purity
    • Awards: Gold at IWSC, Gold at SIP Awards, Double Gold at ISC.

Innovation and Excellence in Whisky Production at Alberta Distillers 

Innovative Production Techniques

Alberta Distillers stands out in the spirits industry for its innovative approach to producing high-quality spirits cheaply. A key factor in this process is the use of “house-made” enzymes for starch-to-sugar conversion, a crucial step in alcohol production.

Shannon Thomas: A Key Contributor

Shannon Thomas, a microbiologist at Alberta Distillers, plays a pivotal role in creating these enzymes in-house. This method contrasts with the common industry practice of using commercial enzymes. Thomas’ expertise allows the distillery to produce a more efficient and flavor-enhancing enzyme mix, which is not only cost-effective but also contributes to the unique taste of their spirits.

The Importance of Enzymes in Rye Production

The use of these specialized enzymes is particularly significant in the production of rye whisky, a specialty of Alberta Distillers. Unlike the approach of adding malted grain, typically barley, to a mash, the enzymes developed by Thomas ensure a more controlled fermentation process. This not only increases yield but also adds distinct flavors during the cooking and fermenting stages.

Impact on Quality and Cost

The efficiency gained from using these in-house developed enzymes is reflected in the price and quality of Alberta Distillers’ products. Commercial enzymes, often used in bourbon production, can lead to inefficiencies that impact both yield and production costs. Alberta Distillers’ method circumvents these issues, ensuring a high-quality product at a more affordable price.

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