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Amber Distilleries Limited

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Amber Distilleries Limited

History of Amber Distilleries Limited

Establishment and Founding

Amber Distilleries Limited, an Indian company, was incorporated in 1985. It received its license to manufacture Indian Made Foreign Liquor from the Government of Maharashtra in 1984, marking its official entry into the liquor industry.

Development and Expansion

The distillery was established in 1989, 100 km from JNPT and 90 km from Mumbai Airport. This strategic location at the bank of the Vaiterna River is notable for its high-quality potable rock water, which is crucial for the distillation process.

Management and Leadership

The company is currently led by Pratap Talwar, who is the CEO, with a management team that brings over 40 years of expertise in the liquor, beverages, and food business. The Talwar family holds all the company shareholding. Notable directors include Sadhana Talwar, Geetika Talwar, and Gautam Talwar.

Current Operations and Future Plans

As of the latest information available, Amber Distilleries Limited has a production capacity of one million cases per year, with around 50% being exported to overseas markets. The company completed expansion plans in early 2018, which doubled its production capacity to two million cases per year.

Amber Distilleries produces a variety of regular, premium, and super-premium products of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), including whisky, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, and flavoured products. It caters to civil markets and Indian Defence Services and also has a significant export presence. The company has future plans to enter joint ventures and expand its business for its own brands in India and overseas markets.

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