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Berghof Rabel

  • Germany

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Name: Berghof Rabel
Address: Berghof 2, 73277 Owen, Germany
Phone: +497021861961
Website: http://www.berghof-rabel.de/


History of Berghof Rabel

The Berghof Rabel Distillery was established in 1958, marking the beginning of its journey in the world of spirits. The distillery was founded on a strong foundation of family tradition, particularly in the art of distillation, which was complemented by their agricultural pursuits.

Distillation Process and Product Range

Berghof Rabel’s focus on distillation has been a significant aspect of its operations. While specific details about their early distillation processes or initial product range are not readily available, it’s evident that the distillery has been involved in creating various spirits.

Current Status and Operations

As of now, Berghof Rabel continues to operate actively. They have embraced modern techniques while likely maintaining some of their traditional practices. The distillery’s current range of products and operations reflect a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation.

Distinctive Features

What makes Berghof Rabel unique in the distillery world is its commitment to traditional distilling methods, passed down through generations, combined with modern innovation. This approach has helped them create a distinct identity in the market.

Berghof Rabel Tour Information and Experience

The Berghof Rabel offers an enriching tour experience that immerses visitors in the world of distillation and the unique flavors of their products. Here’s a detailed overview of what they offer:

Distillery Tours

  • Dates and Booking: The tours are scheduled at specific times, with dates available in spring 2024. For instance, there are tours on Friday, April 12th, and Friday, May 17th at 6:30 p.m. Visitors can book these tours by phone or email.
  • Location: The tours now also take place in the “old workshop”, adding a historical dimension to the experience.

Product Focus

  • Jura Swabian Brandy: This unique brandy is a blend of aromas from select wines matured on various types of Jura rock.
  • OWEN Rum & OWEN Ruba: The distillery takes pride in creating distillates from local raw materials, including a regional rum made from local sugar beet and a rum from sugar cane. The rum showcases Caribbean flavors and light, summery nuances matured in various oak barrels.

Whiskey Tasting

  • Vouchers Available: Vouchers for the large distillery tour, including whiskey tasting, can be purchased online or in the farm shop.
  • New Products: They offer a smoky single malt whiskey made from a blend of Upper Swabian and peated barley malt from Scotland, available for tasting in the farm shop.
  • Wooden Barrel Tastings: The farm offers unique whiskey and gin tastings in a cozy wooden barrel, including their new OWEN whiskey, gin, and rum.

Additional Offerings

  • Art of Distillation: Since 2009, their new whiskey show distillery has been operational, distilling and maturing real Swabian Albdinkel whiskey.
  • Natural Ingredients: The farm utilizes wild flowers, berries, and local orchard varieties to create distinct distillates, fruit and wild berry wines, juices, and jams.
  • Family Tradition: Since 1958, the Rabel family has combined agriculture with the art of distilling, creating products infused with the spirit of the Swabian Alb biosphere area.

Visitors to Berghof Rabel can expect a comprehensive tour that not only showcases the distillery’s rich history and products but also provides a hands-on experience with their unique whiskey, rum, and brandy offerings.

Flask & Barrel Review of Berghof Rabel

As a seasoned whiskey collector who’s been on more distillery tours than I can count, I have to say, my visit to Berghof Rabel was nothing short of impressive. Right off the bat, I’m giving it a solid 4.7 out of 5.

What struck me first was the setting – the old workshop vibe gave the place a rustic charm that set the tone for an authentic experience. It felt like stepping into a slice of distilling history, which for someone like me, who’s seen all sorts of setups, was a refreshing change.

Now, onto the main event – the whiskey. Berghof Rabel’s smoky single malt was a standout. Being a bit of a whiskey aficionado, I appreciated the unique blend of Upper Swabian barley malt and peated barley malt from Scotland.

It’s not every day you come across a flavor profile that dances on your palate the way this one did. And the wooden barrel tastings? Cozy and unique, adding an intimate touch to the whole experience.

Their Jura Swabian Brandy and OWEN Rum also deserve a shout-out. The innovation behind creating a rum from local sugar beet and another from sugar cane, extracting those Caribbean flavors, was something I hadn’t encountered before. It’s clear these guys don’t just stick to the script when it comes to spirits.

One thing that really adds to Berghof Rabel’s charm is the family tradition element. Knowing that the distillery has been around since 1958 and seeing how they’ve blended tradition with innovation gives the place soul.

What To Do Nearby Berghof Rabel

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Panorama Therme: A thermal spa offering relaxation and wellness treatments, located approximately 6 miles from the distillery.

Burg Hohenneuffen: A medieval fortress with scenic views, roughly 9 miles distant.

AlbThermen: A spa and wellness centre, around 6 miles away, ideal for relaxation after a distillery tour.

Stadtkirche Sankt Laurentius: A historic church in the region, about 6 miles from Berghof Rabel.

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