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Black Dirt Distilling

  • USA, New York

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Name: Black Dirt Distilling
Address: 114 Little York Rd, Warwick, NY 10990, United States
Phone: +18452586020


History of Black Dirt Distilling

Founding and Early Days

Black Dirt Distilling, LLC, was established in March 2012, emerging from the success of Black Dirt Bourbon and Black Dirt Apple Jack, which were originally crafted at Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery. Recognizing the demand for these unique spirits, a 4,000 square foot distillery equipped with a 60-foot distillation column was constructed in Pine Island, NY, in 2013. This expansion marked a significant step for the company, allowing it to increase production significantly​​.

The Founders

The distillery was co-founded by Jason Grizzanti and Jeremy Kidde, leveraging their extensive experience in distillation and marketing. The journey into spirits began with the Warwick Valley Winery, initially focusing on hard cider production under the brand “Doc’s Draft Ciders”. This early venture into the alcoholic beverage industry set the stage for what would become New York’s first craft distillery. Grizzanti, with a background in pomology and winemaking, and Kidde, alongside, embarked on distilling fruit brandies and eau de vie, eventually paving the way for the production of bourbon and apple jack​​​​.

Agricultural Roots and Expansion

Situated in the fertile Black Dirt region, known for its rich, glacially deposited soil, Black Dirt Distilling capitalized on the unique agricultural advantages of the area. The distillery is notable for sourcing 100% of its grain from the local area, even establishing a maltery with their grower to ensure the supply of local malted barley. This commitment to local sourcing and agricultural excellence is at the heart of Black Dirt’s operations, distinguishing its products in the crowded spirits market​​.

The Distillery Today

As of now, Black Dirt Distilling stands as one of New York’s largest distilleries, producing between 50 and 60 barrels of spirit a week. The facility continues to innovate, experimenting with different grains and distillation techniques to create unique and high-quality bourbons and apple jacks. The distillery has deepened its roots in the local community, building strong relationships with farmers and contributing to the resurgence of craft spirits in New York​​​​.

Impact and Contributions

Black Dirt Distilling has made significant contributions to the craft distilling movement in New York State, not only by producing award-winning spirits but also by pioneering the use of local agricultural products in spirit production.

The distillery’s emphasis on local sourcing and quality has helped to elevate the profile of New York spirits on the national stage. Moreover, its founders’ commitment to distillation excellence and innovation continues to drive the company’s success and growth​​.

Awards Won by Black Dirt Distilling

San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Black Dirt Bourbon received the prestigious Double Gold Medal at this highly regarded event. This accolade is indicative of the bourbon’s exceptional quality and craftsmanship​​.

American Craft Spirits Awards: While the specifics of the awards from the American Craft Spirits Association were not detailed, Black Dirt Distillery has been a participant over several years. This involvement highlights their commitment to craft distilling and excellence in the industry​​.

Black Dirt Distilling Tour Information and Experience

Located in the heart of Pine Island, NY, Black Dirt Distilling stands as a testament to the rich tradition of craft spirit production. Established in March 2012, this distillery was created to cater to the soaring demand for its signature Black Dirt Bourbon and Black Dirt Apple Jack. Initially conceived at the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery, these spirits have quickly garnered attention for their quality and flavor.

Facility and Production The distillery itself is an impressive setup, sprawling over 4,000 square feet equipped with a towering 60-foot distillation column. This modern facility is designed to produce over 60 barrels of whiskey or apple jack each week, showcasing the distillery’s commitment to both quality and quantity.

The Minds Behind the Magic

Black Dirt Distilling is the brainchild of co-founders and managing partners Jason Grizzanti and Jeremy Kidde. With extensive experience in distillation and marketing, they have played a pivotal role in pioneering New York State’s first micro-distillery.

Under their guidance, Black Dirt Distillery has not only produced award-winning brandies and liqueurs under the American Fruits brand but also the critically acclaimed Warwick gin. Utilizing ingredients sourced directly from the Black Dirt region, they continue to craft spirits that resonate with vibrancy and depth.

Tasting Room Experience

For enthusiasts eager to sample these exquisite spirits, the Warwick Valley Winery’s tasting room and store located at 114 Little York Road in Warwick offers an inviting space. Here, visitors can enjoy tastes and samples of the Black Dirt Bourbon and Black Dirt Apple Jack, along with the opportunity to purchase these products. The distillery’s spirits are also distributed across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Distillery Tours

For those interested in a deeper dive into the world of distillation and the stories behind Black Dirt Distilling’s celebrated spirits, the distillery offers tours. These tours provide a detailed look at the distillation process, the history of the distillery, and the dedication that goes into every bottle produced. To book a tour or for more information, visitors can reach out via email at or by calling (845) 258-6020.

Black Dirt Distilling offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of craft spirits through its innovative products and immersive experiences. Whether you’re sampling their spirits at the tasting room or exploring the intricacies of spirit production on a distillery tour, Black Dirt Distilling promises an experience rich in flavor and tradition.

Flask & Barrel Review of Black Dirt Distilling

I’ve been to a good number of distillery tours in my time, always on the lookout for that perfect sip to add to my collection. Recently, I visited Black Dirt Distilling and, let me tell you, it was pretty special. Their behind-the-scenes tour was insightful, giving a clear view of their distillation process from the ground up. The highlight? Tasting their bourbon. It’s got a distinct character, thanks to the rich, black dirt of the region. Solid 4.7 out of 5 from me. Their craft and attention to detail in every drop? Impressive.

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