Chugoku Jozo

Chugoku Jozo Distillery

  • Japan
Phone Number
  • +81-829-32-2111
  • 1 Chome-12-1 Sakurao, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture 738-0004, Japan

Sakurao Distillery exterior with logo and clear skies.

History of Chugoku Jozo Distillery

The Chugoku Jozo Distillery, a beacon of Japanese craftsmanship in the world of spirits, was founded in 1918. From its inception, the distillery has been nestled in the scenic landscapes of Japan, marking its beginning with a commitment to quality and tradition. This dedication has been the cornerstone of Chugoku Jozo’s enduring legacy in the production of whisky, sake, shochu, and hin mirin.

Expansion into Whisky

A significant milestone in the distillery’s history was reached in 1990 when Chugoku Jozo began maturing whisky in its warehouses. This strategic move not only diversified its product range but also marked its foray into the global whisky market. The distillery’s venture into whisky production was driven by a vision to blend traditional Japanese distilling techniques with the rich, complex flavors characteristic of whisky.

Current Operations and Product Range

Today, Chugoku Jozo stands as an active distillery, renowned for its multifaceted approach to spirit production. Its portfolio includes the Togouchi series, which has gained recognition for its unique character and quality. The distillery’s commitment to excellence is evident in its continuous efforts to refine and perfect the art of spirit making, ensuring that each bottle embodies the essence of its rich heritage.

Legacy and Innovation

Chugoku Jozo’s journey from its founding in 1918 to its current status as a revered name in the spirits industry is a testament to its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and tradition. As it moves forward, the distillery remains anchored in its heritage while embracing new techniques and ideas to craft spirits that resonate with connoisseurs around the world.

What To Do Nearby Chugoku Jozo Distillery

Itsukushima Shrine

  • Distance: Within proximity to Chugoku Jozo Distillery on Miyajima Island.
  • This iconic Shinto shrine is famous for its “floating” torii gate, one of Japan’s three best views. The shrine and its torii appear to float on water at high tide, offering a breathtaking sight.

Mount Misen

  • Distance: Accessible from Miyajima Island, where the distillery is located.
  • The highest peak on Miyajima, Mount Misen offers panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea and lush hiking trails. It’s a spiritual site with ancient temples and a rich history.

Daisho-in Temple

  • Distance: Also on Miyajima Island, a short journey from the distillery.
  • A significant Buddhist temple at the foot of Mount Misen, Daisho-in features various statues, a cave filled with icons, and is known for its peaceful atmosphere.

Senjokaku and the Five-Story Pagoda

  • Distance: A short walk from the distillery on Miyajima Island.
  • Senjokaku, or the “Hall of a Thousand Tatami Mats,” is a large, unfinished wooden hall built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Nearby, the Five-Story Pagoda adds to the island’s historic charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants are near Chugoku Jozo Distillery?

Wakataka: It boasts a perfect 5.0-star rating on Google Maps. Although a contact number isn’t provided, it’s located at 2 Chome-3 Kamiyacho, making it easy to visit for those interested.

Mitsuboshi Yatai Otemachi: It is rated 4.2 stars and can be contacted for reservations at +81 82-247-1633. You can find this modern izakaya restaurant at Ebisucho, 2−11 宏和52 1階.

Guttsuri-ann: It impresses with a 4.9-star rating. Reservations can be made by calling +81 82-256-1520. The seafood restaurant is at 1-36 Tannacho and offers a delightful dining experience.

What hotels are near Chugoku Jozo Distillery?

Yufuin Yawaragi-no-sato YADOYA: It has a rating of 4.6 stars on Google Maps. For reservations, you can reach out to them, although a contact number isn’t provided in the information available. Their address is also not specified, but it’s known for being a cozy hot spring hotel with dining.

MIMARU KYOTO NIJO CASTLE: It has a rating of 4.7 stars on Google Maps. For reservations, details such as a contact number are not provided. This informal apartment hotel offers free Wi-Fi and is equipped with a kitchen, catering to those who prefer a homely stay.

Urban Hotel Kyoto Nijo Premium: It has a rating of 4.1 stars on Google Maps. For reservations, specific contact information is not available. The hotel is described as a relaxed establishment with dining and a spa area, ensuring a comfortable stay for its guests.