Dalwhinnie Distillery

  • Scotland

Dalwhinnie Distillery exterior with whiskey barrels sign.

Name: Dalwhinnie Distillery
Address: General Wade’s Military Rd, Dalwhinnie PH19 1AA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1540 672219
Email: dalwhinnie@malts.com
Website: https://www.malts.com/en-gb/distilleries/dalwhinnie

History of Dalwhinnie Distillery

The Dalwhinnie Distillery, nestled in the Highland village of Dalwhinnie in Scotland, boasts a rich history and a distinctive range of whiskies. 

Founded in 1898 by John Grant, George Sellar, and Alexander Mackenzie, the distillery was initially named Strathspey. Its location was strategically chosen for its access to clear spring water from Lochan-Doire-Uaine and an abundance of peat. 

Dalwhinnie is renowned for being the highest distillery in Scotland, situated at 1,154 feet above sea level, in a setting surrounded by mountain scenery.

Ownership Changes of Dalwhinnie Distillery

Throughout its history, Dalwhinnie has experienced several changes in ownership and significant events.

In 1905, it was bought by the largest distillers in the United States, Cook and Bernheimer, and later returned to Scottish hands in 1919, owned by Sir James Calder of Macdonald Greenlees. 

The distillery faced a devastating fire in 1934, leading to a four-year closure. It was acquired by the Distillers Company Ltd. (DCL) in 1926 and eventually became part of Diageo’s portfolio in 1997.

Whiskey Ranges of Dalwhinnie Distillery

Dalwhinnie’s whisky range is characterized by its clean, malty-sweet taste with a smooth and smoky warmth, unique to its highland location. 

The distillery offers a variety of single malt whiskies, including the standard 15-year-old, more mature variants like the 25-, 29-, and 36-year-olds, the Distillers Edition, and Winter’s Gold. 

These whiskies are a testament to Dalwhinnie’s commitment to quality and tradition, making it a notable name in the world of Scotch whisky.



Awards Won by Dalwhinnie Distillery

The Dalwhinnie Distillery, renowned for its Highland Single Malt Whisky, has achieved significant recognition in the form of various awards over the years. 

Particularly in the 2000s, the distillery garnered multiple accolades, including:

Gold Medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition: This competition is highly respected and recognizes the best in wines and spirits across the globe. Dalwhinnie’s success here underscores the quality of its whisky.

5-Star Rating from the Scottish Tourist Board for the Visitor Centre: This rating is a testament to the excellent visitor experience provided at the distillery, highlighting its commitment not just to whisky making but also to tourism and hospitality.

First Prize at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition: This prestigious competition is known for its rigorous judging process, making Dalwhinnie’s achievement particularly noteworthy.

Moreover, Dalwhinnie’s whiskies have also been celebrated, with its 15-year old and the Distillers Edition being awarded the Monde Selection Gold Medals. This recognition is an indication of the distillery’s commitment to producing high-quality spirits. 

The distillery, part of Diageo’s Classic Malts range, has not only garnered critical acclaim but also holds a unique place in whisky culture due to its high-altitude location and rich history

Dalwhinnie Distillery Tour Information and Experience

Located in the Cairngorm National Park, the distillery provides a range of tours and experiences, each designed to showcase the rich heritage and exquisite flavors of Dalwhinnie whiskies.

Tour Options at Dalwhinnie Distillery

  • Dalwhinnie Distillery Tour: This guided tour takes visitors through the distillery, followed by a tutored tasting of three Dalwhinnie Single Malts. Each malt is individually paired with handmade Scottish highland chocolates. Participants also receive a special gift as a memento of their visit.
  • Dalwhinnie Expressions Tour & Masterclass Experience: This comprehensive experience includes a fully guided tour of the distillery, followed by a whisky masterclass. The masterclass features six Dalwhinnie Single Malts, including the Distillery Exclusive Bottling and Special Release, each paired with chocolates from the Highland Chocolatier.

Booking and Accessibility

  • Advanced Booking: It’s highly recommended to book tours and experiences in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Accessibility: The distillery is committed to providing accessible experiences for all visitors. They have consulted Euan’s guide to ensure disabled access information is available, and they encourage visitors to inform them of any specific requirements at the time of booking.

Visit Details

  • Location: Dalwhinnie Distillery, Dalwhinnie, Inverness-shire, PH19 1AA, UK.
  • Contact Information: Phone – 01540 672219, Email – Dalwhinnie@malts.com.
  • Opening Hours: Vary by season, with special hours during Christmas. It’s advisable to check their Google listing for up-to-date information before visiting.

Special Events and Safety

  • Special Events: The distillery hosts seasonal events, offering unique experiences for whisky enthusiasts.
  • Safety: Visitors are advised to check the latest Scottish Government guidelines for safe visits.

Additional Information

Whisky Gift Card: Available for purchase at the distillery, this gift card allows recipients to shop for top whiskies and merchandise at various visitor experiences in Scotland.

The Dalwhinnie Distillery tour is not just an exploration of whisky-making but also a journey into the heart of Scottish tradition and the rugged beauty of the Highlands. 

Flask & Barrel Review of Dalwhinnie Distillery

As someone who’s visited my fair share of whiskey havens, I’ve got to say, Dalwhinnie Distillery is up there with the best. Nestled in the stunning Scottish Highlands, this place isn’t just about the drink; it’s a whole vibe.

First off, the setting is unreal. We’re talking heart-of-the-Cairngorms, picturesque scenery that’s just begging for a spot on your Instagram.

The distillery, being the highest in Scotland, has this unique, almost mystical air about it. It’s not every day you get to sip whiskey while soaking in views at 1,164 feet above sea level!

Now, onto the main event – the whiskey. Dalwhinnie’s range is like a masterclass in balance. The 15-year-old single malt? A classic. Smooth, with just the right hint of sweetness and a whisper of smoke.

It’s like they bottled the essence of the Highlands. And their Distillers Edition, with that extra layer of depth? Chef’s kiss.

The tour itself was top-notch. You can tell these folks don’t just make whiskey; they live it. The guide was knowledgeable, approachable, and had stories that brought the whole experience to life.

It’s one thing to taste whiskey, but understanding its journey from grain to glass? That’s something else.

The visitor center got a big thumbs-up from me too. It’s one thing to enjoy a good dram, but pairing it with chocolate? Genius. That Whisky and Chocolate tour is a game-changer. Each pairing was spot on, elevating both the whiskey and the chocolate. Pure bliss.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say the signage leading up to the distillery could be a bit clearer. Got a bit turned around on the way there.

And maybe it’s just me, but I’d love even more in-depth details about the distilling process. But these are just minor things in what was an otherwise perfect visit.

Overall, Dalwhinnie Distillery earns a solid 4.7 out of 5 from this whiskey enthusiast. It’s a must-visit for anyone who appreciates a good dram and stunning Scottish scenery. Can’t wait to go back!

What To Do Nearby Dalwhinnie Distillery

  • Local Walks: Dalwhinnie is set in a picturesque location at the head of Loch Ericht, surrounded by stunning mountains. There are several scenic walks around the village where you can enjoy views of Ben Alder and its neighboring mountains. These walks are a great way to experience the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands.
  • Fishing on Loch Ericht: For fishing enthusiasts, Loch Ericht offers char, wild brown trout, and ferox trout. With an average depth of 199 feet, it’s a popular spot for bank and fly fishing. Day permits are available from the local petrol station.
  • Quad Bike Tours in Newtonmore: Located about 6.8 miles from Dalwhinnie, this is a perfect adventure for those looking to explore the area in a unique way. The tours offer an exciting experience through the Scottish landscape.
  • Rod Frazer Ski Instructor: If you’re visiting in the winter months and interested in skiing, this is a great option about 9.7 miles from Dalwhinnie.
  • Clan Macpherson Museum: Situated approximately 9.6 miles from the distillery, this museum in Newtonmore provides a deep dive into the history and culture of the Macpherson clan.
  • The Wildcat Experience: Also in Newtonmore, about 9.8 miles from Dalwhinnie, this attraction offers an engaging experience for visitors.
  • Alba Chocolate: Chocolate lovers can visit Alba Chocolate about 9.5 miles away in Newtonmore for a sweet treat.
  • Pattack Falls: A scenic natural attraction located just 5.4 miles from Dalwhinnie, perfect for a peaceful outing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants are near Dalwhinnie Distillery?

  • Snack Shack: It has a rating of 4.2 stars on Google Maps.
    For reservations, you can reach out to them on their phone at +441528522331. Their address is General Wade’s Military Rd, Dalwhinnie PH19 1AG, United Kingdom.
  • Newtonmore Grill: It has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Maps.
    For reservations, you can reach out to them on their phone at +441540673702. Their address is Old Perth Rd, Newtonmore PH20 1BB, United Kingdom.
  • Letter Box Restaurant: It has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Maps.
    For reservations, you can reach out to them on their phone at +441540673231. Their address is Main St, Newtonmore PH20 1DA, United Kingdom.

What hotels are near Dalwhinnie Distillery?

  • Dalwhinnie Old School Hostel: It has a rating of 4.9 stars on Google Maps.
    For reservations, you can reach out to them on their phone at +447960174462. Their address is Old School Hostel, Ben Alder Rd, Dalwhinnie PH19 1AB, United Kingdom.
  • Balavil Hotel: It has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Maps.
    For reservations, you can reach out to them on their phone at +441540673220. Their address is Main St, Newtonmore PH20 1DL, United Kingdom.
  • The Glen Hotel: It has a rating of 4.6 stars on Google Maps.
    For reservations, you can reach out to them on their phone at +441540673203. Their address is Main St, Newtonmore PH20 1DD, United Kingdom.