Glenlossie Distillery

  • Scotland
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  • Glenlossie Rd, Thomshill, Elgin IV30 8ST, United Kingdom

Glenlossie distillery exterior with trees and signage.

History of Glenlossie Distillery


Founding and Early History

The Glenlossie Distillery, nestled in the east of Speyside, Scotland, was established in 1876 by John Duff, a former manager at Glendronach distillery.

The distillery experienced several ownership and management changes, notably being acquired by DCL in 1919, who recognized its potential. A significant fire in 1929 led to its transfer to Scottish Malt Distillers in 1930.

Unique Distillery Structure

Glenlossie stands out for housing two distilleries within its complex, including the Mannochmore distillery, built in 1971.

The distillery boasts a production capacity of 1.1 million liters, powered by a full lauter mash tun capable of holding 8 tonnes. The water for whisky production is sourced from the local Bardon Burn.

Production Process and Equipment at Glenlossie Distillery

The distillery is equipped with three wash stills and two spirit stills, designed with pear-shaped bodies and tall, conical necks.

The spirit stills feature a ‘purifier’ that contributes to producing a lighter, more delicate whisky. The maltings, sourced from Burghead Maltings in Elgin, are gently peated.

Warehousing and Maturation

Glenlossie’s warehouses have the capacity to store up to 200,000 casks of malt whisky. The whisky is aged in a mix of Sherry and American oak casks.

Despite its significant production, Glenlossie does not have official bottlings. Its closest offerings are in the Diageo Flora and Fauna range and a Manager’s Dram. The distillery has also seen numerous independent bottlings.

Legacy and Current Operations of Glenlossie Distillery

Throughout its history, Glenlossie has been a key component in various blends, including Haig’s Blends. Currently, under Diageo’s management, the distillery continues its legacy.

While there are no official bottlings yet, future releases are anticipated. Unfortunately, Glenlossie does not offer a visitor’s center or public tours.

Glenlossie Distillery Tour Information and Experience

The Glenlossie Distillery, part of Diageo’s single malt distilleries, offers a unique tour experience.

This special tour, called “The Laich of Moray,” is held annually during the Spirit of Speyside Festival and includes a visit to four distilleries in the Elgin area of Speyside, including Glenlossie.

The tour at Glenlossie includes:

  • Mash Room: Featuring a large mash tun installed in the 1990s, this room highlights their production process and future upgrades to increase capacity.
  • Fermentation Room: Home to eight wooden washback tanks, the room allows visitors to understand the fermentation process and its role in whisky production.
  • Still House: Housing six large stills, it showcases the distillation process and how the unique shape and size of the stills, unchanged since the 1870s, contribute to the quality of the spirit.
  • Warehouses: Glenlossie is home to one of Diageo’s largest bonded warehouse sites in Speyside, storing around 250,000 casks from various distilleries.

Unfortunately, Glenlossie does not generally offer regular tours or have a visitor center. The special tour during the Spirit of Speyside Festival is a rare opportunity for the public to explore this distillery.

Glenlossie’s focus is on producing a light, grassy spirit used in Diageo’s blended whiskies, notably in the Haig range​​​​​​.

Flask & Barrel Review of Glenlossie Distillery

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Glenlossie Distillery, and as a seasoned whiskey collector who’s seen my fair share of distilleries, this one really stands out.

Tucked away in the Scottish Highlands, the distillery exudes a rustic charm that’s both inviting and picturesque. The tour was a delightful blend of educational and entertaining, offering insights into unique whiskey-making methods, even for an experienced visitor like me.

The whiskies themselves were the stars of the show, each with a distinct and complex flavor profile that lingered pleasantly. What made the experience even more memorable was the passionate and friendly staff, who clearly shared my enthusiasm for whiskey.

The value for money here is impressive, offering an enlightening and enjoyable experience without being too heavy on the wallet. The gift shop also had some unique finds that I couldn’t resist adding to my collection.

The only slight challenge was finding the place, but it was a minor issue compared to the overall fantastic experience. All in all, Glenlossie Distillery is a true gem, deserving a solid 4.7 out of 5. It’s a must-visit for any whiskey enthusiast.

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