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  • Canada, Ontario
  • Four consecutive wins for “Distillery of the Year” at the Canadian Whisky Awards, J.P. Wiser’s Triple Barrel receiving the honor of Sipping Whisky (Export) at a respected competition., Lot 40 Dark Oak’s recognition with the Award of Excellence Line Extension award.
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  • +15192545171
  • 2072 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N8Y 4S5, Canada

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History of Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery


Founding and Early Development

Hiram Walker, an American entrepreneur, founded the Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd. distillery in 1858 in what would become Walkerville, Ontario, Canada.

Born in Massachusetts, Walker moved to Detroit in 1838 and later purchased land across the Detroit River in Ontario. He began selling his whisky, known as Hiram Walker’s Club Whisky, which was distinct from other distilleries’ products.

His whisky’s popularity led to a U.S. law requiring foreign whiskeys to state their country of origin on labels.

Expansion and Impact

Walker’s distillery was not just a business but a cornerstone for the community of Walkerville. He exercised control over the town, influencing everything from public works to religious services.

The distillery remained in the Walker family until 1926, when it was sold to Harry C. Hatch. Today, Canadian Club whisky, originally produced by Walker, is still made at the original site and is part of Pernod Ricard, with the brand owned by Beam Suntory.

Whiskey Production at Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery

Walker’s method of whisky production was innovative for its time. He used barrels to create color and flavor, a technique not widely used before him.

His distillery produced Canadian Club whisky, which became Canada’s top export whisky and remains a renowned brand globally.

Awards Won by Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery

The Hiram Walker & Sons distillery has been awarded the prestigious title of “Distillery of the Year” at the Canadian Whisky Awards for four consecutive years.

This award is a testament to their commitment to maintaining high standards in whisky production.

In addition to the Distillery of the Year accolade, several of their products have received individual awards. For instance, J.P. Wiser’s Old Fashioned was named the Flavoured Whisky of the Year. Other notable awards include:

  • Sipping Whisky (Export): J.P. Wiser’s Triple Barrel
  • Award of Excellence Line Extension: Lot 40 Dark Oak
  • Best Cask Strength: J.P. Wiser’s 22 Year Old Cask Strength Port Cask Finish
  • Best Blended Highly Commended: J.P. Wiser’s 22 Year Old Cask Strength Port Cask Finish

Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery Tour Information and Experience

The Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery offers a rich and immersive tour experience known as the J.P. Wiser’s Experience. This tour provides an in-depth look at the history and craftsmanship of Canadian whisky.

The tour, lasting approximately 90 minutes, takes visitors through the production facility, offering insights into the vibrant history of Canadian whisky and the intricate process of its creation.

The experience includes milling and cooling stages, where you learn how grains are milled and cooked to produce the distinctive flavors of the whisky.

The grains used, sourced from Canadian farmers, each add a unique taste to the whisky—corn for sweetness, barley for a nutty flavor, rye for spice, and wheat for a bread-like palette.

Safety is paramount on the tour, so all attendees must wear closed-toe shoes and be of legal drinking age (19+ in Ontario). It’s important to note that the tour may not be suitable for individuals with mobility, heart conditions, or balance disorders due to the multiple staircases and walking paths encountered during the visit.

The Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery is located in Walkerville, Ontario, and is known for producing some of the most awarded Canadian whiskies in the world, such as Lot 40 100% Rye, Pike Creek 10 Year Old, and Gooderham and Worts Four Grain Blend.

Additionally, the distillery is committed to sustainability and community involvement, with initiatives such as net zero carbon emissions for certain scopes of its production cycle by 2030, powering all production sites and offices with renewable electricity by 2025, and eliminating single-use plastic promotional items.

For those interested in the tour, tickets can be purchased online, and it’s recommended to check for any specific requirements or restrictions before visiting.

Flask & Barrel Review of Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery

As a whiskey collector who’s seen a bunch of distilleries, I’ve gotta say this one stands out. Their J.P. Wiser’s Experience tour is a solid 90 minutes of pure whisky wonder.

First off, you’ve got to be 19 to join, which makes sense, right? And bring your sturdy shoes – no flip-flops here! They take safety seriously, which I appreciate.

The tour dives into the whole whisky-making process, from milling to bottling. They use grains like corn and rye, all sourced locally from Canadian farms. The result? Whiskies that are smooth, with just the right kick.

Their commitment to sustainability is impressive too. They’re all about reducing carbon emissions and using renewable energy. And let me tell you, the taste of their Lot 40 and Pike Creek whiskies? Top-notch!

Giving this tour a solid 4.7 out of 5. It’s a must for any whisky enthusiast. They’re doing some great stuff in Walkerville. Just wish the tour was a bit longer to soak it all in!

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  • Walkerville Eatery: Located only about 0.8 miles from the distillery, Walkerville Eatery offers a modern and cozy setting to enjoy a diverse menu that includes burgers, tacos, and a variety of appetizers. It’s a perfect spot for a relaxed meal or a drink​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants are near Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery?

  • The Twisted Apron: It has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Maps. Their address is 1968 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON N8Y 1E4, Canada.
    For reservations, you can reach out to them on their phone at +15192562665. 
  • Walker Grill Family Restaurant: It has a rating of 4.6 stars on Google Maps. Their address is 1275 Walker Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 4X9, Canada.
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  • Vito’s Pizzeria: It has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Maps. Their address is 1731 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON N8Y 1E1, Canada.
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What hotels are near Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery?

  • Housing Albert It has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Maps. Their address is 1121 Albert Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 3P5, Canada.
    For reservations, you can reach out to them on their phone at +15195628489. 
  • Caesars Windsor: It has a rating of 4.3 stars on Google Maps. Their address is and, 377 Riverside Drive East (Entrance: McDougall Ave, Pitt St E, Windsor, ON N9A 7H7, Canada.
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  • Ye Olde Walkerville Bed & Breakfast – Windsor: It has a rating of 4.6 stars on Google Maps. Their address is 1104 Monmouth Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 3L8, Canada.
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