Jean Marc Daucort

Jean Marc Daucort Distillery

  • France
  • Beverage Testing Institute Award, Wine Enthusiast Award, Ultimate Spirits Challenge Award
Phone Number
  • +33545240464
  • 24 Rue des Bosquets, 16000 Angoulême, France

Vintage brewery copper distilling vats and equipment.

History of Jean Marc Daucort

The history of the Jean-Marc Daucort Distillery is rooted in a rich family heritage of spirit distillation in Angoulême, France.

Jean-Marc Daucort, born into a family of cognac distillers, inherited four generations of expertise in distillation. Jean-Marc honed his distilling skills in Scotland and Germany with a French father and an Irish mother, working his apprenticeship in some of Europe’s finest distilleries.

After gaining considerable experience and expertise, Jean-Marc returned to France, where he became a master distiller.

With his brother Edouard and nephew Charles, he decided to expand beyond cognac production, which had been the family’s mainstay for years. Inspired by their Irish heritage, they ventured into creating French whisky, employing the traditional gooseneck pot stills of their family distillery, typical of the Charente region.

The result of this venture was the creation of Bastille 1789 Whisky. Launched in 2010 in the Cognac region of France by the Daucourt family, this whisky quickly earned respect and several industry awards, particularly in France, which is known for its high consumption of whisky.

The Bastille 1789 Whisky line includes both a blended whisky and a single malt, showcasing the family’s innovative approach to whisky-making.

The Bastille 1789 Single Malt is distilled entirely from malted barley grown in northeastern France and is aged in Limousin oak barrels, previously used for Sauternes, red Burgundy, and sherry.

This whisky reflects a unique blend of traditional cognac distillation techniques and the Daucourt family’s innovative approach to whisky-making.

Jean-Marc Daucort’s focus on creating a singular, high-quality product has been evident in his approach.

For example, the Bastille 1789 Hand-Crafted Blended French Whisky starts with a mix of malted barley and wheat for the mash and is distilled in copper alembic stills traditionally used for cognac.

The aging process spans five and seven years, utilizing French Limousin oak, cherry wood, and acacia casks, a unique combination for whisky maturation.

Overall, the Jean-Marc Daucort Distillery, with its innovative approach and rich heritage, has made a significant mark in the world of whisky, especially in the French spirit industry.

Awards Won by Jean Marc Daucort

  • Beverage Testing Institute Award: The Bastille 1789 Blended Whisky received a notable score of 94 points from the Beverage Testing Institute. This score is a testament to the whisky’s exceptional quality and flavour profile.
  • Wine Enthusiast Award: Recognised with a score of 91 points by Wine Enthusiast, the Bastille 1789 Blended Whisky stands out for its unique blend and taste.
  • Ultimate Spirits Challenge Award: With another impressive score of 91 points, the Bastille 1789 Blended Whisky has also been honoured in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, further highlighting the distillery’s dedication to crafting high-quality spirits.

What To Do Nearby Jean Marc Daucort

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  • Angoulême International Comics Festival: If you’re around in late January, don’t miss the world’s third-largest comic festival, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. It’s an excellent opportunity for comic enthusiasts to attend Q&As with international stars and explore the city’s comic-themed stores.
  • Musée de la Bande Dessinée: Open year-round, this museum is a haven for comic and graphic novel lovers. With retrospectives for a host of international artists and insights into the technical aspects of comic composition, it’s a must-visit.
  • Stroll Along The Ramparts: The remnants of the city’s ancient walls now form scenic terraces with paths and gardens, offering beautiful views and a peaceful place for a walk.
  • Paper Museum: Learn about the region’s history in papermaking at this museum located in a former mill on a river island. Explore old industrial machinery and the story of industrial papermaking through various exhibits.
  • Relax at Old Angoulême’s Squares: Take a break at one of the quaint little squares like Place des Halles or Place Francis Louvel, and enjoy a drink while soaking in the gentle lifestyle of Angoulême.
  • Shop for “Charentaises” Slippers: A perfect souvenir from the region, these slippers are not only trendy but also an emblem of Charente.
  • Terra Aventura Geocaching: Discover Angoulême and its surroundings in a fun and engaging way with the Terra Aventura geocaching app.
  • Concerts at The Nef: Check out the eclectic programme at this well-known performance venue, a reference for contemporary music.

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