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  • London Spirits Competition 2021, Langatun Château Kefraya Finish Swiss Single Malt Whisky was awarded ‘Editor’s Choice’ by Whisky Magazine in 2022
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  • Eyhalde 10, 4912 Aarwangen, Switzerland

Traditional house with red shutters and white facade.

History of Langatun Distillery

The Origins of Langatun Distillery (1857-1859)

The Langatun Distillery, steeped in a rich history, was established in 1857 by Jakob Baumberger. He initially set up the distillery on his father’s farm in Langenthal, a settlement known since 861, aptly named for its proximity to water – an essential ingredient for whisky production.

In 1859, Baumberger expanded his venture by taking over the Mumenthaler-Marti brewery, operational since 1785.

Transformation and Expansion (1863-1877)

In 1863, Baumberger officially bought the Mumenthaler-Marti brewery, steering it towards success. A critical development in 1877 was Baumberger securing rights to a spring and understanding the importance of soft water in preparing malted barley. He laid a pipeline for a direct water supply, enhancing the quality of his distillates.

Generational Legacy (1903-1983)

The distillery was a family legacy, with Hans Baumberger I taking the reins in 1903, followed by Hans Baumberger II in 1937. They guided the distillery through challenging times, including economic depressions and wars.

In 1975, Hans Baumberger III assumed control, eventually selling the company in 1983 to Hürlimann, which later became part of the Carlsberg group.

Revival and Innovation (1999-2008)

The repeal of Switzerland’s grain and potato distilling ban in 1999 was pivotal, allowing Hans Baumberger III to revive his great-grandfather’s vision.

He began crafting Langatun single malt whiskies in 2005, continuing the family tradition. The distillery introduced its first 3-year-old “Olde Deer” Single Malt in 2008, immediately winning a gold medal at the Schnapsforum.

Launch of Langatun Classics and Relocation (2011-2014)

In 2011, Langatun launched the ‘Langatun Classics’ range, featuring Old Deer, Old Bear, and Gold Bee whiskies. Responding to growth, the distillery moved to the historic Kornhaus in Aarwangen in 2014, a significant step in its expansion.

New Leadership and Global Recognition (2018-Present)

In 2018, Christian Lauper and Dr. Dolf Stockhausen took over, incorporating Langatun into High Spirits Holding AG. Today, the distillery is celebrated for its secret production process, contributing to the unique character of its whiskies.

The distillery also operates a visitor centre, offering tours and tastings. Since 2017, Langatun whiskies have gained international recognition for their quality, being marketed worldwide.

Awards Won by Langatun Distillery

London Spirits Competition 2021: Langatun whiskies received Silver Medals, showcasing their excellence in the spirits industry.

  • Langatun Old Crow: Scored 89 Points.
  • Langatun Old Deer: Scored 86 Points.
  • Langatun Old Woodpecker: Also scored 86 Points​​.

Other Awards and Recognitions: Langatun Château Kefraya Finish Swiss Single Malt Whisky was awarded ‘Editor’s Choice’ by Whisky Magazine in 2022​​.

  • The Langatun “Olde Deer” Single Malt: It was first released in 2008, won a gold medal at the esteemed Schnapsforum in the same year​​.
  • The Langatun Old Bear Smoky: It has also gained significant acclaim and contributed to Langatun’s recognition on the world stage​​.

Langatun Distillery Tour Information and Experience

Tour & Tasting

This experience is available for groups of 10 or more. It includes a guided tour of the distillery and the visitor center in the historic Kornhaus. You’ll be introduced to the whisky-making process and can taste Langatun’s whiskies or other spirits such as liqueurs, vodka, gin, or rum.

The tour also includes a giveaway and lasts for about 90 minutes. The cost is CHF 35.00 per person, and you can shop for whisky and other products afterwards.

Distilling Seminar

For a deeper dive, the distilling seminar teaches the secrets of whisky distilling. Participants assist in the distillery, taste Langatun whiskies, and can ask questions to the master distiller.

The seminar includes a participation certificate and a bottle of Langatun Whisky, which you’ll label yourself.

Blend Your Own Langatun

This seminar, also lasting four hours and priced at CHF 120.00, focuses on the art of blending.

It offers a hands-on experience where you learn to blend whisky using sensory techniques and bottle your blend, complete with a self-labelled bottle and a participation certificate.

Whisky Day

An annual event featuring tastings of Langatun whiskies and other spirits, crash courses, and expert advice. It includes a cocktail bar, culinary snacks, and a chance to bottle your whisky.

Flask & Barrel Review of Langatun Distillery

As a seasoned whiskey collector on numerous distillery tours, I’ve got to say my visit to Langatun Distillery was quite the experience – I’d easily give it a 4.7 out of 5.

The first thing that struck me was the distillery’s setting – nestled in the historic Kornhaus, the place has this old-world charm mixed with modern distilling tech. It’s like stepping into a little piece of history where traditional methods meet today’s standards.

The tour itself was fantastic. It’s one thing to taste whiskey, but to see where and how it’s made adds a whole new layer of appreciation. Langatun’s process, from mashing at the brewery to the long fermentation and careful distillation, is quite a sight.

And those Holstein stills are not just functional; they’re almost like pieces of art.

Now, let’s talk about the whiskies. I tried the Old Crow, Old Deer, and Old Woodpecker. Each had its unique character, but what stood out was the balance of flavours – something you only get from a master distiller who knows his craft.

The Old Crow’s peated smokiness stood out, and the Old Deer’s blend of tropical fruit and dark chocolate notes was simply delightful.

But what sets Langatun apart is their use of wine casks for maturing the whiskey. It gives the spirit this incredible depth and complexity that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The only reason I’m not going full 5/5 is the size of the place. It’s pretty small, which, while charming, limits the scale of the operation. But honestly, that’s part of its appeal – it feels exclusive like you’re in on a well-kept secret.

In summary, Langatun Distillery is a must-visit for any whiskey enthusiast. It’s not just about tasting great whiskey; it’s about experiencing the passion and tradition that goes into every bottle. Highly recommended!

What To Do Nearby Langatun Distillery

Local Dining: Just a short distance away, within about 0.4 miles, you can find places like Restaurant Brauerei and Restaurant Pizzeria zum Wilden Mann, offering European and Italian cuisines, respectively.

For a taste of local Swiss fare, Tierlihus is another great option within the same radius​​.

Historical Sites and Nature: If you’re into history or nature, there are a few attractions within a few miles radius. The Kirchgemeinde Aarwangen, a local church, is just 0.2 miles away.

For a bit of greenery and outdoor activities, the Tierpark Langenthal, a park, is about 2.7 miles away​​.

Cultural Experiences: For a richer cultural experience, the Jura World of Coffee, a specialty museum, is located approximately 2.7 miles from Langatun. This could be a great stop to learn about coffee culture and history.

Religious Sites: If exploring religious sites interests you, the ISKCON Langenthal and Gurdwara Sahib Switzerland are within 3 miles of Langatun and offer unique insights into religious practices and architecture​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants are near Langatun Distillery?

Restaurant im Rank: Also rated at 4.7 stars on Google Maps, this restaurant’s contact number is +41629230404, and its address is Jurastrasse 6, 4912 Aarwangen, Switzerland.

Gasthof Zum Wilden Mann: This restaurant has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Maps. The contact number is +41629223311, and the address is Langenthalstrasse 3, 4912 Aarwangen, Switzerland.

Restaurant Brauerei Aarwangen: Also rated at 4.7 stars on Google Maps, this restaurant’s contact number is +41629222233, and its address is Langenthalstrasse 20, 4912 Aarwangen, Switzerland.

What hotels are near Langatun Distillery?

Gasthof Zum Wilden Mann: It has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Maps. The contact number is +41629223311, and the address is Langenthalstrasse 3, 4912 Aarwangen, Switzerland.

Parkhotel Langenthal: This hotel has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Maps. The contact number is +41629229422, and the address is Weststrasse 90, 4900 Langenthal, Switzerland.

Good Bed Aarwangen: Rated at 4.1 stars on Google Maps, this hotel’s contact number is +41794872083, and its address is Jurastrasse 5, 4912 Aarwangen, Switzerland.