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Leopold Bros

  • USA, Colorado
  • Gold Medal by the Beverage Tasting Institute​​,
  • https://www.leopoldbros.com/home
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  • 5285 Joliet St, Denver, CO 80239, United States

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History of Leopold Bros.

Early Beginnings in Brewing (1999)

Leopold Bros. Distillery’s story begins with its foundation by brothers Scott and Todd Leopold. Originally entering the alcohol industry with a brewery in 1999, the brothers’ passion and expertise soon expanded into the realm of distilling. This progression marked the beginning of what would become a renowned craft distillery in Denver, Colorado.

Diversification into Distilling

With their transition from brewing to distilling, the Leopold Bros. began to produce a wide array of spirits. Their product range includes gins, whiskies, vodka, liqueurs, absinthe, aperitivo, and amari.

A key aspect of their operation is the emphasis on natural ingredients, often sourced locally from family farms and orchards in Colorado. This approach underscores their dedication to quality, sustainability, and supporting the local community.

Sustainable Practices and Innovation

The Leopold Bros. Distillery is recognized for its innovative and sustainable practices, a hallmark of their production process. Notably, they utilize open wooden fermenters, which is a testament to their commitment to traditional distilling methods.

The distillery also features a diverse range of stills, each contributing to the unique character of their spirits.

Distinctive Whiskey Production

One of the distillery’s most notable achievements is the revival of the rare Three Chamber Still, primarily used for producing their acclaimed rye whiskey.

This traditional piece of equipment plays a crucial role in defining the distinctive flavor profiles of their spirits. Their whiskey offerings are diverse, including various rye whiskeys and bourbons, each celebrated for its unique taste influenced by their meticulous production techniques.

Recognition and Impact

Leopold Bros. Distillery has gained widespread recognition for its significant contribution to the spirits industry. Their unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional and distinctive spirits has not only earned them accolades but also positioned them as a leader in the craft spirits movement.

Their approach to distilling, characterized by innovation, sustainability, and a deep respect for traditional methods, continues to set them apart in an increasingly competitive industry.

Awards Won by Leopold Bros.

American Orange Liquour: This product was awarded a Gold Medal by the Beverage Tasting Institute​​.

Maraschino Liquour: The distillery won the Good Food Awards for their Maraschino Liquour​​.

Distillery of the Year: In 2014, Leopold Bros. was named the Distillery of the Year by the American Distilling Institute, a significant recognition in the craft spirits industry​.

Leopold Bros. Tour Information and Experience

The tour experience at Leopold Bros. Distillery offers a comprehensive insight into their unique distilling process and philosophy. Here’s a summary of what visitors can expect:

Introduction to the Distillery

The tour begins with an introduction to the history and philosophy of Leopold Bros., highlighting their commitment to sustainability and the use of natural, locally sourced ingredients.

Malting Process

Visitors see the traditional malting room, where Colorado-grown barley is malted on-site, a rare practice among distilleries. This process is integral to the unique flavors of their spirits.

Fermentation and Distillation

The tour includes a walkthrough of the fermentation and distillation processes. Visitors can see the open wooden fermenters where fermentation occurs, and the variety of stills used for distillation, including the unique Three Chamber Still used for producing rye whiskey.

Barrel Aging

The tour includes a visit to the barrel house, where whiskey is aged. Leopold Bros. uses new, charred oak barrels for aging, which contributes significantly to the flavor profile of their spirits.

Tasting Room Experience

Most tours conclude with a visit to the tasting room, where visitors can sample various spirits produced by Leopold Bros. This is an opportunity to taste the final products and appreciate the nuances brought about by their distinct production methods.

Flask & Barrel Review of Leopold Bros.

As a seasoned whiskey collector who has been on numerous distillery tours, I’ve got to say, my visit to Leopold Bros. was quite an experience, one that stands out among the many. Here’s my take on it:

First off, the vibe at Leopold Bros. is just right. It’s got this laid-back, yet professional feel that makes you immediately comfortable, yet excited about what you’re about to see.

The staff were super knowledgeable, not just about their products but also about the craft of distilling in general. They answered every question thrown at them, and trust me, I had quite a few!

The tour itself was a deep dive into the art of whiskey making. Seeing the traditional malting room was a highlight. As someone who appreciates the intricacies of whiskey production, observing their hands-on approach to malting the barley was fascinating. It’s not something you see every day at a distillery.

The fermentation and distillation processes were explained in a way that was both detailed and easy to grasp.

Their open wooden fermenters and the unique Three Chamber Still really caught my eye. I mean, it’s not every day you come across a distillery that uses such rare techniques. This definitely adds a unique character to their spirits.

Now, let’s talk about the tasting experience. As a collector, I’ve tasted my fair share of whiskeys, but the flavors here were truly exceptional. Each spirit had its own distinct profile, clearly a result of their meticulous production process.

The depth and complexity of their whiskey certainly impressed me.

I also appreciate their commitment to sustainability and the use of local ingredients. It adds an element of authenticity and respect for the craft that I greatly value.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say maybe the tour could include a bit more on the aging process. As a whiskey enthusiast, I’m always keen to learn more about how different aging environments impact the final product.

Overall, I’d rate my experience at Leopold Bros. a solid 4.7 out of 5. It’s a must-visit for any whiskey enthusiast or collector.

They’ve got the process, the knowledge, and the flavors down to a science, with a touch of old-school craftsmanship that’s hard to find these days.

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