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Liberty Pole Spirits

  • USA, Pennsylvania
  • Bronze Medal for Bourbon Whiskey, Award-Winning Liberty Pole Wheated Bourbon, Award-Winning Liberty Pole Bourbon Cream
Phone Number
  • 724-503-4014
  • 800 Adios Drive, Washington, PA 15301

Red-roofed commercial building with stone facade.

History of Liberty Pole Spirits

The Genesis of Liberty Pole Spirits

Liberty Pole Spirits, a family-owned and operated craft whiskey distillery, was established by the Hough family in July 2016. The seed for this venture was planted in the early 2000s when Jim Hough, contemplating retirement, bought a small still to learn distilling.

Fascinated by the craft, the Hough family, including sons Rob and Kevin, both with engineering backgrounds, and Ellen Hough, decided to dive into the world of whiskey making. Their shared passion and expertise led to the birth of Liberty Pole Spirits in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

The Products and Craft

Their product lineup includes a variety of whiskeys such as Bassett Town Rye, Corn Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Bourbon, Peated Bourbon, and Bourbon Cream. Liberty Pole Spirits places a strong emphasis on the distilling process, using a pot still to produce a flavourful and viscous whiskey.

In addition to whiskey, they also have a popular cocktail program, with Ellen Hough at the helm as a mixologist, creating unique cocktails using their spirits.

Expansion and Innovation

In 2023, Liberty Pole Spirits expanded its operations to a new location at 800 Adios Drive, Washington, PA. This new distillery campus significantly increased their production capacity, featuring a 1,000-gallon mash cooker, four 1,000-gallon fermenters, and a 1,000-gallon pot still.

The expansion also included a five-story barrel warehouse for aging whiskey, showcasing their commitment to creating an optimal environment for whiskey maturation.

Commemoration and Heritage

Liberty Pole Spirits pays homage to the Whiskey Rebellion, a significant historical event in Western Pennsylvania. During the rebellion, liberty poles were erected by citizens in opposition to the whiskey excise tax. This historical context is central to the brand’s identity, with a liberty pole depicted on each bottle label.

Awards Won by Liberty Pole Spirits

Bronze Medal for Bourbon Whiskey: Awarded at the American Craft Spirits Association Awards, this recognition highlights the quality of their Bourbon Whiskey.

Award-Winning Liberty Pole Wheated Bourbon: While the specific award details are not mentioned, their Wheated Bourbon is noted as an award-winning product.

Award-Winning Liberty Pole Bourbon Cream: Similar to the Wheated Bourbon, the Bourbon Cream has also received accolades.

Liberty Pole Spirits Tour Information and Experience

Liberty Pole Spirits offers an engaging and informative distillery tour experience at their new campus at 800 Adios Drive, Washington, PA. The tours are highly regarded and provide a comprehensive look into whiskey-making craft.

Tour Schedule

  • Thursdays and Fridays at 6:00 PM
  • Saturdays at 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM
  • Sundays at 1:00 PM

Tour Details

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: $25 per person

During the tour, visitors can explore the beautiful new distillery campus. The experience is designed to educate guests about handcrafting Pennsylvania whiskey, from mashing to distilling, aging, and bottling.

This tour is a journey through the stages of whiskey production and a chance to delve into the rich history of the Whiskey Rebellion in Washington County, PA, which is integral to Liberty Pole Spirits’ heritage.

The tour is an ideal experience for whiskey enthusiasts and history buffs, offering a unique blend of education, history, and craft spirit appreciation. It’s a chance to witness firsthand the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of Liberty Pole Spirits whiskey.

Flask & Barrel Review of Liberty Pole Spirits

As a seasoned whiskey collector who’s seen my fair share of distilleries, I’ve got to say that Liberty Pole Spirits really stands out. My experience there was nothing short of impressive, earning a solid 4.7 out of 5 in my books.

Let’s start with their spirits. The range of flavors they’ve managed to coax out of their whiskey is truly remarkable. Each sip brings a new experience – whether it’s the boldness of their rye, the smoothness of their wheated bourbon, or the intriguing complexity of their peated bourbon.

The use of Bloody Butcher corn in their mash bill adds a unique twist that sets their products apart from your run-of-the-mill whiskeys.

What really elevates Liberty Pole, though, is their dedication to the craft. You can tell that every bottle they produce is a labour of love. Their focus on traditional pot distillation and a clear commitment to quality shines through in every glass.

It’s the sort of authenticity you can taste, and it’s a total win for someone who appreciates the finer details of whiskey-making. The distillery tour itself was an eye-opener. Unlike some of the larger, more commercial tours I’ve been on, Liberty Pole offers a more intimate and detailed look into their process.

It’s not just about seeing the equipment; it’s about understanding the passion and the history behind their craft. Plus, the tasting room experience was top-notch – a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say their limited distribution is the only thing holding them back from a full 5/5. It’s a bit of a bummer that their spirits aren’t more widely available because they truly deserve a broader audience.

In conclusion, Liberty Pole Spirits is a must-visit for any whiskey enthusiast. Their combination of unique flavors, deep respect for distilling traditions, and an incredibly welcoming atmosphere makes for an unforgettable experience. A highlight in my whiskey journey!

What To Do Nearby Liberty Pole Spirits

Bradford House Museum: Just a short distance from the distillery, you can step back into the late 18th century at this museum. It offers insights into the Whiskey Rebellion and the history of the region. The museum is part of the Whiskey Rebellion Trail, which includes Liberty Pole Spirits and other historical sites​​.

Whiskey Rebellion Festival: If your visit coincides with the second weekend of July, don’t miss the Whiskey Rebellion Festival in downtown Washington. It’s a vibrant celebration of the region’s history, complete with historical re-enactments, music performances, and craft spirit tastings​​.

Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob: For architecture enthusiasts, Fallingwater, a UNESCO World Heritage site designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is about an hour’s drive away. This masterpiece is a must-visit for its unique design and historical significance.

Local Dining: Washington, PA, offers a variety of dining options. Just minutes from Liberty Pole Spirits, restaurants like Union Grill and The Washington Brewing Company offer American cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere.

David Bradford House and Other Historic Sites: In addition to the Bradford House, the area boasts other historic sites like the LeMoyne House and the Washington County Courthouse, perfect for history buffs interested in exploring more about the area’s rich heritage.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum: A short drive from Liberty Pole Spirits, this museum offers a glimpse into the history of trolley transportation with a collection of preserved trolleys and related exhibits.

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