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Limestone Branch Distillery

  • USA, Kentucky
  • SIP Awards, ASCOT Awards, Bartender Spirits Awards
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  • +12706999004
  • 1280 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Lebanon, KY 40033, United States

Limestone Branch Distillery entrance sign and building.

History of Limestone Branch

Early Origins of the Beam Family in Distilling

The Beam family’s history in distilling began in the late 18th century. Jacob Beam, a relative of Stephen and Paul Beam, sold his first barrels of corn whiskey around 1795. This marked the start of what would become a long-standing family legacy in the bourbon industry.

Introduction of Joseph Washington Dant

Alongside the Beams, another significant figure in their distilling heritage was Joseph Washington Dant. Dant, a great-great-grandfather of the Beam brothers on their mother’s side, had his own flourishing distillery in Kentucky by 1836. His innovative techniques and success significantly contributed to the family’s distilling story.

Minor Case Beam’s Influence

The distilling legacy continued with Minor Case Beam, who began his career at Early Times Distillery. By 1883, he became a master distiller and took over the Gethsemane Distillery, renaming it Head and Beam. This further solidified the Beam family’s influence in the whiskey world.

Guy S. Beam’s Era

Guy S. Beam, the brothers’ grandfather, became a famous master distiller post-Prohibition. His work spanned several Kentucky distilleries, including Yellowstone. He continued the family tradition, even practicing his craft in Canada during Prohibition.

Founding of Limestone Branch Distillery

In October 2010, Stephen and Paul Beam decided to continue their family’s distilling tradition. They established Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky. Their location choice was significant, being close to their ancestors’ distilleries and in an area rich in local grain and limestone waters.

The Distillery Opens

Limestone Branch Distillery officially opened in 2011. The Beam brothers, with the help of their father, created a distillery reminiscent of past eras. Their opening in February 2012 marked a new chapter in their family’s distilling story.

Yellowstone Brand Revitalization

In 2015, the Yellowstone brand, part of the distillery’s portfolio, underwent a transformation. Previously considered a bargain whiskey, it was elevated to a premium offering. This shift reflected the distillery’s focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Incorporation of Distillery’s Own Spirit

In 2017, Limestone Branch Distillery began blending their own distillate into the Yellowstone Limited Edition. This milestone marked a significant moment for the brothers, as they started to infuse their product line with their distillery’s unique character.

Awards Won by Limestone Branch

ASCOT Awards: Limestone Branch Distillery won Gold for both the Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Minor Case Rye Whiskey.

SIP Awards: The distillery was honored with Platinum for the Minor Case Rye Whiskey. Additionally, they received two Gold awards, one each for the Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Yellowstone American Single Malt.

Bartender Spirits Awards: The Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon was awarded a Double Gold, while the Yellowstone American Single Malt won Gold.

USA Today Readers’ Choice Awards: In 2020, Limestone Branch Distillery was named one of the 10 Best Craft Distilleries in the Nation.

Berlin International Spirits Competition: The distillery was named the Bourbon Distillery of the Year in 2019.

Marion County Chamber of Commerce 2021 Businessman of the Year: Steve Beam, of Limestone Branch Distillery, received this recognition for his contributions to the distillery and the broader bourbon industry.

Limestone Branch Tour Information and Experience

Visiting Limestone Branch Distillery offers a unique and immersive experience of the world of Kentucky’s finest craft spirits. The tour experience at this picturesque Lebanon-based distillery is educational and enjoyable, providing insights into the rich heritage and meticulous process of spirit-making.

Tour Experience Highlights

Heritage Exploration: The tour begins with exploring over 200 artifacts, many of which are part of the Beam family’s historic involvement in whiskey-making. This part of the tour offers a deep dive into the distillery’s roots and the family’s legacy in the bourbon industry.

Production Process Insight: Visitors comprehensively see how Limestone Branch Distillery crafts its whiskeys and gin from start to finish. This behind-the-scenes glimpse reveals the intricate process of spirit-making.

Tasting Session: The tour culminates in a tasting session where visitors can sample the distillery’s award-winning portfolio. This is a chance to appreciate the quality and variety of spirits produced by Limestone Branch.

Relaxed Atmosphere: After the tasting, guests are welcome to linger and enjoy a cocktail at the bar, embracing the hospitable and friendly environment of the distillery.

Operating Hours: The distillery is open for tours Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, with the first experience starting at 9:30 am and the last at 4:30 pm. It remains closed on Sundays.

Visitors’ testimonials highlight the distillery as a hidden gem, offering a more intimate and personal experience than more prominent venues. The tours are praised for their informative nature, friendly atmosphere, and the exceptional quality of the spirits.

Whether you’re a bourbon aficionado or new to the world of spirits, Limestone Branch Distillery’s tour offers a memorable experience that combines history, craftsmanship, and the joy of tasting fine spirits.

Flask & Barrel Review of Limestone Branch Distillery

As someone who’s toured a few distilleries, I know a thing or two about good whiskey and the places it comes from. My recent visit to Limestone Branch Distillery was a real treat, and I’d easily give it a solid 4.7 out of 5.

First off, the vibe of the place is just spot on. It’s got this authentic, down-to-earth feel that’s hard to find. The staff are as genuine as they come – friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about their craft.

They don’t just go through the motions; they take the time to share their story and the distillery’s heritage, which I appreciate as a whiskey collector.

The tour itself was top-notch. It wasn’t just a walk through the facility but a journey through the history of bourbon making. The Beams, seventh-generation distillers, have a rich family history in the whiskey business, and it shows.

The attention to detail in their process, from selecting the grains to the distillation and aging, is impressive.

Now, let’s talk whiskey. Their Yellowstone Limited Editions are something else. Each year, they develop a unique blend with outstanding flavours. I was particularly struck by the complexity and depth of the bourbon, with those rich, oaky notes and a smooth finish.

They’re doing something special with their craft gin, Bowling and Burch. As a whiskey guy, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The botanicals are spot on – a refreshing change of pace.

The only thing stopping me from giving a full 5 out of 5 is the accessibility of some of their limited releases. I’d love to get more of their unique batches as a collector. But that’s part of the charm – they’re exclusive and always in high demand.

What To Do Nearby Limestone Branch Distillery 

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Local Dining: After your distillery tour, you might want to grab a bite to eat. There are several restaurants close to Limestone Branch.

For instance, you can find American cuisine at Cedarwood Restaurant, about 2 miles away, or try some Mexican flavors at Los Mariachis, about 1.3 miles from the distillery.

Walmart Supercenter: If you need to pick up any essentials or just want to do some shopping, there’s a Walmart Supercenter approximately 2 miles from the distillery.

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