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Macduff Distillery

  • Scotland
Phone Number
  • +441261812612
  • Banff, Banffshire, AB4 3JT

Exterior of Macduff Distillery building

History of Macduff Distillery

Macduff Distillery, a modern establishment, was built in 1960 to capitalise on the post-war whisky boom. It was founded by a group of Glasgow brokers including Brodie Hepburn, Marty Dyke, and George Crawford.

The distillery is located in Macduff’s fishing port, on the River Deveron’s banks, next to the Moray Firth.

Architectural Design

The distillery was designed by William Delme-Evans, known for his classic, clean, and functional designs. The most intriguing part of the distillery is its stillhouse, which contains five stills – two wash and three spirit – all featuring upward-tilting lyne arms with a right-angled kink. This unique design contributes to the distillery’s distinctive spirit character.

Ownership Changes

In 1972, Macduff was acquired by William Lawson, the whisky arm of Martini & Rossi. The number of stills was increased to five in 1990. Later, in 1993, Bacardi purchased Martini, and Macduff became part of the Dewar’s portfolio.

Product Range and Expansion

Throughout its history, the distillery has expanded its production capabilities. Its single malts were initially released under the name Glen Deveron. The Italian market’s preference for young, fresh malts led to the early introduction of five- and eight-year-old variants.

Recent Developments of Macduff Distillery

In recent years, the William Lawson blend, part of the Dewar’s stable, has become very popular in Russia. Despite this, Dewar’s has plans to relaunch the single malt as Deveron.

Macduff Distillery Tour Information and Experience

Not open to the public.

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