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Mountain Laurel Spirits

  • USA
  • Bronze Medal Spirit (2014), Whisky Advocate magazine’s Craft Whiskey of the Year (2015), Silver Medal (2015)
  • https://dadshatrye.com/
Phone Number
  • +12157818300
  • 925 Canal St Building #4, Bristol, PA 19007, United States

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History of Mountain Laurel Spirits

Founding and Philosophy

Mountain Laurel Spirits, the Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey producer, is deeply rooted in the tradition of Pennsylvania rye whiskey making. Their philosophy is encapsulated in the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” This ethos drives their mission to distil and deliver classic Pennsylvania Rye spirits, honouring over 200 years of American distilling tradition.

Crafting Dad’s Hat Rye

Their flagship product, Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey, symbolizes a blend of tradition and modern craftsmanship. The name ‘Dad’s Hat’ reflects a personal touch, adding to the distillery’s character and story.

Distilling Process and Ingredients

The distillery’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and traditional distilling methods is key to its identity. They focus on producing a rye whiskey that truly represents the historical essence of Pennsylvania’s distilling heritage.

Recognition and Growth

Over the years, Mountain Laurel Spirits has gained recognition for its quality products, receiving awards that highlight their expertise in distilling. This success marks an important chapter in the resurgence of rye whiskey in the region.

The Distillery and Its Process

Dad’s Hat Rye is a testament to Pennsylvania’s agricultural richness in historic Bristol, PA. The distillery prides itself on using locally grown rye grain, emphasizing a farm-to-bottle approach. This commitment to local ingredients is a cornerstone of their process, ensuring the production of genuine rye whiskey.

Whiskey Varieties and Specialties

Dad’s Hat offers a range of rye whiskeys, each with its unique finish and flavour profile. Their selection includes Classic Rye, Bonded Rye, Straight Rye, Vermouth Finish, and Port Wine Finish. These varieties showcase the versatility and richness of rye as a key ingredient in whiskey making.

Distillery Tours and Community Engagement

Mountain Laurel Spirits welcomes visitors for tours at their Bristol location, offering an up-close view of the distillation and aging process. These tours, available most Saturdays by appointment, include whiskey tastings and opportunities to purchase their products directly. Engaging with the community and giving back to whiskey enthusiasts is a significant aspect of their operation.

Mountain Laurel Spirits, through Dad’s Hat Rye, continues to embody the spirit of Pennsylvania’s whiskey-making heritage, combining traditional methods with a commitment to quality and community involvement.

Awards Won by Mountain Laurel Spirits

Bronze Medal Spirit (2014): Awarded by the American Distilling Institute for their Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey, Finished in Vermouth Barrels in the Rye Whiskey (Under two years) category.

Whisky Advocate magazine’s Craft Whiskey of the Year (2015): This prestigious recognition was given to Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey.

Silver Medal (2015): Awarded at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Silver Medal (2013): Another accolade from the American Distilling Institute in the Rye Whiskey category.

Winner (2013): The Good Food Awards honored them in the Spirits Category.

Mountain Laurel Spirits Tour Information and Experience

Visitors can expect a detailed tour of the Mountain Laurel Spirits distillery, where they will learn about the history and process of making Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey. The tour typically covers their whiskey journey from grain to glass, showcasing traditional distilling methods.

Tasting Experience

The tour often includes a tasting session, where participants can sample various whiskey expressions produced by Mountain Laurel Spirits. This tasting is an opportunity to appreciate the unique flavors and craftsmanship of their products.

Booking and Additional Information

Tours are usually available by appointment, ensuring a personalized and informative experience. Visitors are encouraged to book in advance and check the distillery’s current offerings and schedules for the most updated information.

Flask & Barrel Review of Mountain Laurel Spirits

As a seasoned whiskey collector who’s toured numerous distilleries, I can confidently say Mountain Laurel Spirits really stands out in the crowd. Here’s my take, giving it a solid 4.7 out of 5.

First off, the ambience of the place is just right. There’s a certain charm to it that melds the traditional with a dash of modern flair, making it both welcoming and intriguing. It’s not every day you come across a distillery that balances these elements so well.

Now, onto the main event: the whiskey. Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye has this unique character that’s hard to find elsewhere. The flavor profile is a delightful dance of spices and smoothness, making it a real treat for the palate.

I particularly appreciate how they’ve managed to maintain a true rye identity, yet it’s approachable even for those new to rye whiskey.

The tour itself was an eye-opener. As someone who’s seen my fair share of distillery tours, I can tell you they’ve got this one down to an art. It’s informative, engaging, and just the right length. You come away with a deeper appreciation of the craft and the passion behind their whiskey-making.

Customer service? Top-notch. It’s clear they value visitors and take pride in their brand. Every question I had was answered with enthusiasm and knowledge, which is always a big plus in my book.

The tasting room is my only minor quibble, and the reason for the 4.7 and not a perfect score. While it’s cozy and well-appointed, I felt it could have offered a broader range of their spirits for tasting. As a collector, I’m always eager to try as wide a variety as possible.

What To Do Nearby Mountain Laurel Spirits

Dad’s Hat Mill Street Tasting Room: Just about a mile from the distillery, this tasting room offers a great experience for whiskey enthusiasts. You can enjoy Dad’s Hat craft cocktails and a selection of PA beers, wines, and other spirits in a cozy setting near the Bristol Waterfront Park. It’s a great spot to delve deeper into the local spirit scene and relax after your distillery tour.

Bristol Waterfront Park: Located just a block from the Dad’s Hat Mill Street Tasting Room, this park offers a scenic spot to stroll and relax. It’s a lovely area to enjoy the waterfront views, and it’s a perfect place for a leisurely walk or a picnic.

Local Dining and Shopping: Bristol has various dining and shopping options. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual meal or some shopping, you’ll find several options within a short distance of the distillery and the tasting room. It’s a great way to explore the local culture and find some unique items or tasty treats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants are near Mountain Laurel Spirits?

Original Golden Eagle Diner: It has a rating of 4.1 stars on Google Maps. Their contact number is +12157856926, and their address is 300 Bath Rd, Bristol, PA 19007, United States.

La Mexicana: It has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Maps. Their contact number is +12157856034, and the address is 226 Bristol Pike, Bristol, PA 19007, United States.

Radcliffe Cafe: It has a rating of 4.7 stars on Google Maps. Their contact number is and address is 1705 Radcliffe St, Bristol, PA 19007, United States.

What hotels are near Mountain Laurel Spirits?

Hilton Garden Inn Mount Holly/Westampton: It has a rating of 4.1 stars on Google Maps. The contact number is +16097021600, and the address is 111 Hancock Ln, Westampton, NJ 08060, United States.

Holiday Inn Express Bordentown – Trenton South, an IHG Hotel: It has a rating of 4.1 stars on Google Maps. The contact number is +16098170070, and the address is 195 US-130, Bordentown, NJ 08505, United States.

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