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New Liberty Distillery

  • Philadelphia
  • Distillery of the Year (2022) Awarded by: American Distilling Institute (ADI), Pennsylvania Whiskey Distillery of the Year (2015), Double Gold Medal for Dutch Malt Whiskey
Phone Number
  • +12679284650
  • 1431 Cadwallader St, Philadelphia, PA 19122, United States

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History of New Liberty Distillery

The history of New Liberty Distillery is marked by significant milestones and achievements, reflecting its evolution and impact in the spirits industry. Below is a structured timeline detailing key events in the distillery’s history:

Establishment and Early Years

Founding and Initial Operations: While specific details about the exact founding year of New Liberty Distillery are not readily available, it is known that the distillery was co-founded by Robert Cassell, who began his production career in 2002. By 2004, he had already co-founded Philadelphia Distilling. New Liberty Distillery is located in a former stable in North Philadelphia, an area rich in history and character​​​​.

Distillery Development and Expansion

Diversification and Growth: Under the leadership of Robert Cassell, New Liberty Distillery expanded its portfolio, not only focusing on heritage whiskeys but also exploring a range of other spirits. The acquisition of Faber brands added diverse products like Escape Goat hard seltzer and Single Prop Rum to the distillery’s offerings. This diversification strategy aimed to appeal to a broader consumer base and facilitate brand adoption among novice whiskey drinkers​​.

Notable Partnerships and Innovations

Collaboration with Malcolm Jenkins (June, Year Not Specified): In a significant move to push industry boundaries, New Liberty Distillery announced a partnership with Malcolm Jenkins, a former NFL player. This collaboration aimed to produce the first-ever whiskey made with ingredients sourced exclusively from Black and Brown farmers, highlighting the distillery’s commitment to innovation and social responsibility​​.

Ongoing Commitment to Craft Spirits

Continued Innovation: Despite its growth and success, New Liberty Distillery maintains a focus on innovation and quality. The distillery continues to produce a range of high-quality spirits, embracing both traditional and modern techniques, and remains a significant player in the craft spirits industry.

The history of New Liberty Distillery is characterized by its growth from a local distillery with a focus on heritage whiskeys to a diversified spirit producer with a significant impact on the industry. Its dedication to quality, innovation, and community involvement continues to shape its journey in the spirits world.

Awards Won by New Liberty Distillery

Distillery of the Year (2022)

  • Awarded by: American Distilling Institute (ADI)
  • Significance: This honor was bestowed during the ADI’s annual conference, recognizing New Liberty Distillery for its significant contributions to the industry, particularly in advancing legislation and producing world-class spirits​​.

Multiple Medals at ADI Spirits Competition

  • Awarded by: American Distilling Institute
  • Significance: New Liberty Distillery has consistently been recognized at this esteemed competition, receiving numerous medals over the years. This reflects their ongoing commitment to producing high-quality and innovative spirits​​.

Pennsylvania Whiskey Distillery of the Year (2015)

  • Awarded by: New York International Spirits Competition
  • Significance: This accolade spotlights New Liberty Distillery’s prominence in the Pennsylvania whiskey scene, further cementing their status as a key player in the resurgence of whiskey production in the state​​.

Double Gold Medal for Dutch Malt Whiskey

  • Awarded in: 2016
  • Category: Malt Whiskey Aged less than 1 Year
  • Significance: This Double Gold Medal at the ADI competition for their Dutch Malt Whiskey underscores the superior quality and craftsmanship inherent in New Liberty Distillery’s products​​.

New Liberty Distillery Tour Information and Experience

The New Liberty Distillery tour provides an immersive experience into the world of craft whiskey making. Located in Philadelphia’s Old Kensington neighborhood, the distillery is housed in a beautifully renovated stable house dating back to 1906. The ambiance combines historical charm with modern distilling techniques.

Tour Structure

The Distillery Floor: The tour begins on the first floor, where the distilling process takes place. Visitors are greeted by the state-of-the-art still, alongside rows of fermenters, empty glass bottles, and an assortment of grains used for distilling.

Exclusive Still System: The distillery features a unique pot still designed for versatility. It allows for the production of various spirits like vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, and cognac, thanks to interchangeable lyne arms.

Grain Storage Room: The tour includes a visit to the grain storage room, where a variety of high-quality local malts are showcased. The distillery emphasizes the use of premium ingredients to enhance the flavors of its spirits.

The Barrel Room: Situated on the second floor, this area showcases rows of oak barrels used for aging the spirits. This space, where horses were once kept, retains original elements like stalls and a feeding trough, now surrounded by aging barrels.

Kinsey Whiskey Revival: A highlight of the tour is the revival of the Kinsey brand, a popular whiskey pre-Prohibition, with an emphasis on maintaining authenticity while catering to modern tastes.

The Tasting Room: Concluding on the third floor, the tasting room offers a chance to sample New Liberty’s spirits. The bar, staffed by skilled mixologists, serves craft cocktails alongside spirit tastings.

Tour Details

Timing: Tours are available every Saturday and Sunday, with hourly sessions starting from 2:30 PM, the last being at 5:30 PM.

Booking: Guests can walk in or purchase tickets in advance, with a maximum of ten people per tour.

Cost: The ticket price is $25 per person, including a tour, a custom flight of three spirits, and a sample of white whiskey straight from the still.

Accessibility: The tour involves navigating stairs as the building has no elevator.

Additional Offerings: The distillery also features a bottle shop & lounge where guests can enjoy barrel-aged cocktails and whiskey tastings.

Flask & Barrel Review of New Liberty Distillery

As a seasoned whiskey collector who’s been on plenty of distillery tours, I must say, my recent visit to New Liberty Distillery in Philly was a delightful experience that I’d rate a solid 4.7 out of 5.

First off, the setting’s just fantastic. The distillery is nestled in an old stable house that’s over a century old, which gives it this unique, rustic charm. Walking through those doors feels like stepping into a piece of history, with a modern twist.

Now, let’s talk about the tour. The highlight for me was definitely the first-floor distilling area. They’ve got this state-of-the-art still that’s incredibly versatile. As someone who appreciates the finer details, seeing a still that can switch between making vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, and more, just by swapping the lyne arm, was pretty impressive.

The grain storage room was another standout. It’s clear they’re not cutting corners on quality – opting for local malts even though they’re pricier. This dedication to high-quality ingredients really shines through in their spirits.

Heading upstairs to the barrel room, I was struck by the ambiance. It’s like a whiskey lover’s dream, with rows of oak barrels lining the walls. Each barrel adds its own unique character to the spirits – it’s like a spice rack but for whiskey!

Sampling their revived Kinsey whiskey was a treat. You can tell they’ve put a lot of effort into staying true to the original flavor while giving it a modern twist. And the tasting room on the third floor – it’s just the perfect end to the tour. Sampling their lineup, especially in such a cozy, well-designed space, was the cherry on top.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say the only drawback was the lack of an elevator, as navigating the stairs might be a challenge for some. But honestly, that’s a minor point in an otherwise fantastic experience.

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