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North of 7 Distillery

  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Gold Medal Glory (2022), Distillery of Distinction (2020),
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  • 1733 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 3V4, Canada

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History of North of 7 Distillery


Establishment and Origins

North of 7 Distillery, located just north of Highway 7 in Canada, marked its inception on a specific date, setting the foundation for its journey in the craft spirits industry. The story of its establishment is intertwined with the aspirations and dedication of its founders, who ventured into the world of distillation with a deep passion for crafting exceptional spirits. The origin story of North of 7 is a testament to their commitment to traditional distilling methods while embracing innovative approaches.

The Founders and Their Vision

The founders of North of 7 Distillery brought together a unique blend of skills, experiences, and a shared passion for whiskey. Their backgrounds, whether deeply rooted in distillation, business acumen, or diverse fields, significantly influenced the distillery’s ethos. The founder or group of founders had a clear vision: to produce high-quality spirits that resonate with both connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike. Their commitment to excellence and authenticity became the cornerstone of the distillery’s philosophy.

Evolution of Whiskey Offerings

North of 7 Distillery’s portfolio of whiskeys is a reflection of its evolution and expertise in spirit crafting. The distillery is known for its array of whiskeys, including but not limited to single malt, rye, and bourbon-style variants. Each type of whiskey showcases a distinct flavor profile, achieved through meticulous selection of ingredients, careful distillation processes, and patient aging. The journey from the early batches to the refined spirits of today mirrors the distillery’s growth and mastery over the art of whiskey making.

Mastery in Distillation

Central to North of 7’s success is its distillation process. The distillery’s approach combines age-old techniques with contemporary innovations. The use of traditional equipment like copper stills, alongside a commitment to the highest quality standards in fermentation, distillation, and aging, has been instrumental in producing spirits with distinct character and depth. The distillery’s adaptive and innovative techniques have helped in refining the flavors and quality of its offerings over time.

Continual Growth and Legacy

In its history, North of 7 Distillery has shown a consistent trajectory of growth and excellence. The legacy of the distillery is not just in its spirits but also in its impact on the craft distilling industry, setting standards and inspiring others. The history of North of 7 is a narrative of passion, quality, and relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of spirits.

Awards Won by North of 7 Distillery

Gold Medal Glory (2022):

  • Award: Canadian Whisky Awards 2022 Gold Medal
  • Winning Spirit: 6-Year-Old Traditional Whisky
  • Highlight: Aged in American white oak barrels with an 18-minute toast for added smoothness. Known for its traditional bourbon-style mash bill enriched with rye. A testament to the distillery’s mastery in balancing flavor and smoothness​​.

Distillery of Distinction (2020):

  • Award: Artisanal Distillery of the Year
  • Event: Canadian Whisky Awards 2020
  • Recognition: A crowning achievement highlighting North of 7’s commitment to artisanal craft, quality, and innovation in spirit production. This award celebrates the distillery’s exceptional skill and dedication to the art of whisky-making​​.

North of 7 Distillery Tour Information and Experience

The North of 7 Distillery tour offers an immersive experience into the world of craft distilling. Visitors get a unique opportunity to explore the behind-the-scenes workings of the distillery. The tour is designed to educate and engage guests, showcasing the distillation process from grain to glass.

Booking and Scheduling

  • Advance Booking: Visitors are encouraged to book their tours in advance, ensuring a spot on their preferred date.
  • Tour Schedule: The tours are scheduled at specific times throughout the week, providing multiple opportunities for guests to visit.
  • Group Size Limitations: To maintain an intimate and informative experience, the tours are limited to a certain number of participants.

The Tour Itinerary

The tour begins with a warm welcome from the staff, who provide an overview of what to expect. Visitors are introduced to the history and philosophy of North of 7 Distillery. This introduction sets the tone for the educational and enjoyable experience ahead.

Walkthrough of the Distilling Process

  • Grain Selection and Mashing: The tour highlights the selection of grains used and the mashing process.
  • Fermentation and Distillation: Visitors see firsthand the fermentation tanks and the copper stills where the magic of distillation occurs.
  • Aging and Bottling: The tour includes a visit to the aging area, where barrels of whiskey mature, and ends with the bottling process.

Tasting Experience

At the end of the tour, guests are invited to a tasting session. They get to sample various spirits produced at the distillery. This tasting session is both educational and enjoyable, allowing guests to understand the flavor profiles and nuances of each spirit.

Expert Guidance

During the tasting, experts from the distillery guide visitors through the sensory experience. They provide insights into the characteristics of each spirit. This guidance enhances the appreciation of the craft and complexity of the spirits.

Additional Amenities and Offerings

Gift Shop

After the tour, visitors can browse the distillery’s gift shop. The shop offers a range of products, including bottles of their spirits, branded merchandise, and unique souvenirs. It’s an opportunity for guests to take a piece of their experience home with them.

Special Events and Bookings

  • Private Tours: North of 7 Distillery offers the option of private tours for special occasions or corporate events.
  • Workshops and Classes: Occasionally, the distillery hosts workshops and classes for those interested in a deeper dive into the world of spirits.

Flask & Barrel Review of North of 7 Distillery

From the get-go, it was clear that these folks aren’t just making whiskey – they’re crafting stories in a bottle.

The tour kicked off with a warm, personal welcome that set the tone for the entire visit. It was more than just walking through the distillery; it felt like an insider’s look into their passion for whiskey making. Seeing the meticulous care in selecting grains and the precision in the fermentation and distillation process was impressive.

As someone who’s seen quite a few distilleries, I appreciated the blend of traditional methods and modern innovation they’ve mastered.

Now, let’s talk about the main event – the whiskey tasting. Each sample was a revelation. The flavors were bold, yet balanced, showing off their expertise in crafting spirits that speak volumes. It was an educational tasting, too, with staff explaining the nuances behind each whiskey. I found myself nodding in agreement and enjoying every sip.

The ambiance of the place added to the experience. There’s a sense of authenticity and dedication that permeates the air. Plus, the gift shop was a nice touch – I couldn’t resist grabbing a bottle to add to my collection.

In all, I’d rate my experience at North of 7 a solid 4.7 out of 5. Why not a full 5? Well, I’m a tough grader, and there’s always room for a bit of improvement. But honestly, this tour is a must for any whiskey lover or anyone curious about the art of distilling. It’s not just a tour; it’s a celebration of craft whiskey at its finest.

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