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History of Phillips Distilling Company


Phillips Distilling Company is a pioneering entity in the liquor industry with a rich history stretching back over a century.

Established in 1912 in Princeton, Minnesota, the company has been an innovator and trendsetter in the world of spirits.

Founding and Early Years

Founded by Ed Phillips, the company started as a small, family-owned business. Ed Phillips had a keen sense for the evolving tastes of the American public.

Starting with the distribution of high-quality peppermint schnapps, the company quickly expanded its product range and distribution network.

The early years were marked by a dedication to quality and an instinct for market trends, setting the stage for future innovations.

Innovations and Contributions

Phillips Distilling Company is known for its forward-thinking approach and contributions to the spirits industry. One of its notable innovations includes the introduction of flavored vodka in the United States, which significantly influenced consumer preferences and industry trends.

The company’s UV Vodka brand, launched in the early 2000s, became synonymous with flavored vodkas, offering a wide range of tastes that appealed to a diverse consumer base.

Whiskey Offerings

While Phillips Distilling Company is renowned for its vodka and other spirits, it has also made significant strides in the whiskey market. The company offers a variety of whiskey products that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Each whiskey is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality experience for consumers.

Whether it’s smooth, rich flavors or unique, bold profiles, Phillips Distilling Company’s whiskey range showcases the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in spirits production.

Legacy and Future

Over the years, Phillips Distilling Company has remained true to its roots while continuously adapting to the changing landscape of the spirits industry.

The company’s ability to innovate, combined with a deep respect for tradition, has cemented its status as a stalwart in the liquor market.

As it moves forward, Phillips Distilling Company continues to focus on quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction, promising a future as rich and spirited as its past.

Awards and Recognitions Won by Phillips Distilling Company

  • Commitment to Quality and Innovation:
    • Phillips Distilling Company has over 105 years of experience in the spirits industry, consistently introducing pioneering products like America’s first schnapps, flavored vodka, and flavored whiskey.
    • The company’s diverse portfolio includes renowned brands such as UV Vodka flavored vodkas, Prairie Organic Spirits, Revel Stoke Whiskies, Casa Centinela Tequilas, La Hechicera Aged Rum, Tomatin Scotch Whiskies, Trader Vic’s Rum, and Phillips Spirits.
  • Environmental Initiatives:
    • The company is recognized for its dedication to sustainability, utilizing renewable energy sources like wind power.
    • It supports local farmers by sourcing ingredients for their products, emphasizing community engagement and environmental responsibility.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Distribution:
    • Phillips Distilling Company has secured an exclusive import and distribution deal with Marca Negra Mezcal, capitalizing on the rising interest in artisanal spirits like mezcal in the U.S. market.
  • Awards in Spirits Excellence:
    • The company’s gins, including Prairie Handcrafted Gin and Prairie Organic Gin, have been acknowledged in various award categories, underlining the company’s expertise and excellence in gin production.
  • Marketing and Brand Development:
    • In collaboration with JT Mega Advertising Agency, Phillips Distilling Company is enhancing the online presence of its brands like KAMORA, LEROUX, and UV Vodka.
    • This partnership aims to showcase the versatility of their spirits and engage consumers through educational content on crafting delicious cocktails.

What To Do Nearby Phillips Distilling Company

  • Como Park Zoo & Conservatory (Approximately 4.9 miles from the distillery): An urban oasis, this park boasts a zoo, conservatory, and a host of family-friendly attractions. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or an educational visit, with its lush gardens and exotic animal exhibits​​.
  • Xcel Energy Center (Approximately 5.2 miles from the distillery): Home to the Minnesota Wild NHL team, this arena hosts a plethora of sports events, concerts, and entertainment shows. Check their event schedule to catch a live performance or game​​.
  • CHS Field (Approximately 5.3 miles from the distillery): Enjoy America’s pastime at this modern baseball stadium, the home of the St. Paul Saints. Even if you’re not a sports fan, the stadium offers great food and local brews to enjoy during the game​​.
  • Historic Fort Snelling (Approximately 8.1 miles from the distillery): Dive into the rich history of Minnesota at this restored military fort. It offers a glimpse into the lives of soldiers, traders, and Native Americans from the 1820s through the present day​​.
  • Ordway Center for the Performing Arts (Approximately 5.1 miles from the distillery): This premier performing arts venue showcases a variety of performances, from Broadway musicals to classical concerts and operas. A visit here guarantees a culturally enriching experience​​.
  • Minnesota Children’s Museum (Approximately 5.1 miles from the distillery): Ideal for families, this museum offers interactive, hands-on exhibits that encourage learning and creativity in children. It’s a fun way to spend the day with the little ones​​.
  • Landmark Center (Approximately 5.1 miles from the distillery): Housed in the 1902 Federal Court Building, this cultural center features beautiful architecture, art galleries, function rooms, and hosts various performances and events​​.
  • Alexander Ramsey House (Approximately 5.6 miles from the distillery): Tour the well-preserved Victorian-era home of Alexander Ramsey, a former mayor and second governor of Minnesota. The house offers insights into the lifestyle and times of the governor and his family​​.
  • Gibbs Museum of Pioneer and Dakotah Life (Approximately 5.1 miles from the distillery): Step back in time at this museum, which showcases the life of pioneers and Dakotah Native Americans in the 1800s. It features restored buildings and guided tours led by costumed interpreters​​.

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