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Tamnavulin Distillery

  • Scotland
  • Silver award at the World Whisky Awards 2022​​., Gold award at the 2020 International Spirits Challenge​​.
  • https://www.tamnavulinwhisky.com/the-distillery/
Phone Number
  • +441479818030
  • B9008, Tomnavoulin, Ballindalloch AB37 9JA, United Kingdom

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History of Tamnavulin Distillery

Establishment and Early Years

Tamnavulin Distillery, with its Gaelic name translating to ‘mill on the hill’, was founded in 1966. It is located in the hamlet of Tomnavoulin, nestled deep in the Livet Glen, Speyside. The Tamnavulin-Glenlivet Distillery Co., a subsidiary of Invergordon Distillers Ltd, oversaw the establishment of Tamnavulin.

This location was selected due to its proximity to an old water mill and is home to one of Scotland’s largest bat colonies. Originally, the distillery was built to supply whisky for blends owned by its parent company.

Ownership Changes and Challenges

In 1993, Tamnavulin experienced a significant change when it was acquired by Whyte & Mackay. This acquisition aimed to secure a consistent supply of the distillery’s malt for the Whyte & Mackay blended range.

However, the distillery faced financial difficulties soon after and was closed in 1995 due to a slump in Scotch whisky sales. It remained closed for 12 years, apart from a brief six-week production period in 2000.

Revival and Modern Operations

The distillery’s fortunes changed in 2007 when Whyte & Mackay, now part of Emperador Inc since 2014, reopened Tamnavulin after a significant upgrade. This reopening marked the start of a new era, with the distillery focusing on crafting single malt Scotch whisky.

As of 2016, Tamnavulin launched its first single malt in over two decades, commemorating its 50th anniversary. The distillery’s production capacity stands at approximately 4.2 million litres annually, with a significant portion going into blends of Whyte & Mackay.

Environmental Initiatives and Production Techniques

Tamnavulin is known for its eco-friendly operations. In 2018, the distillery installed a new bioplant to enhance the environmental sustainability of its production process. The distillery utilizes an 11-tonne mash tun and operates 22 mashes per week, feeding nine stainless steel washbacks. Water for production is sourced from underground springs near the distillery, contributing to the unique character of its whiskies.

Whisky Style and Range

Tamnavulin is celebrated for its grassy, floral, and fruity style, maturing well in American bourbon whiskey casks. Recently, the distillery has experimented with different sherry and red wine casks, adding complexity to its flavour profile. The distillery’s core range began with the Double Cask and has expanded to include Sherry Cask Edition and three red wine cask finishes.

The journey of Tamnavulin Distillery is a remarkable tale of resilience and innovation in the world of Scotch whisky. From its origins as a blend supplier to its current status as a producer of distinguished single malts, Tamnavulin continues to make a significant mark in the whisky industry.

Awards Won by Tamnavulin Distillery

Gold award in the Single Malt No Age Statement category at the 2020 International Spirits Challenge​​.

Silver award at the World Whisky Awards 2022​​.

Tamnavulin Distillery Tour Information and Experience

Tamnavulin Distillery does not have a visitor centre, and tours are not available to the public.

What To Do Nearby Tamnavulin Distillery

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Speyside Cooperage: Here, you can witness the ancient craft of barrel-making. This unique experience gives a behind-the-scenes look at an essential part of the whisky production process.

Cairngorms National Park: For nature lovers, the Cairngorms National Park is a must-visit. It’s a perfect place for hiking, wildlife watching, and enjoying the breathtaking Scottish landscape.

Moray Coast Trail: If you’re into scenic walks and coastal views, the Moray Coast Trail offers some of the most spectacular seascapes in Scotland.

Cragganmore Distillery: Another renowned distillery in the area, Cragganmore offers tours and tastings for those who want to deepen their understanding of Scotch whisky.

Elgin Cathedral: A bit further away, Elgin Cathedral is a piece of ancient history and a testament to Scotland’s medieval past. The ruins are both haunting and beautiful, providing a great opportunity for photography.

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