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Tarnished Truth Distilling Company

  • USA, Virginia
  • American Distilling Institute’s 2021 Judging of Craft Spirits, American Distilling Institute’s 2023 International Spirits Competition, Bronze for Packaging
  • http://www.tarnishedtruth.com/
Phone Number
  • +17579659652
  • 4200 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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History of Tarnished Truth Distilling Company

Establishment and Founder

Tarnished Truth Distilling Company, a notable name in the realm of spirits, was established in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Its inception can be traced back to a specific date, highlighting the commencement of its journey in the spirits industry. The distillery was the brainchild of a visionary founder, whose identity and background significantly shaped the ethos and approach of the company. This founder’s story, often intertwined with the company’s roots, plays a crucial role in understanding the essence of Tarnished Truth.

Early Development

The initial phase of Tarnished Truth Distilling Company involved a series of events and decisions that laid the foundation for its future growth. This section focuses on how the distillery started, including the challenges faced and the strategies employed to overcome them. It’s essential to explore the distillery’s early product range, the equipment used, and the initial response from the market.

Current State and Operations

As of the present day, Tarnished Truth Distilling Company has experienced a trajectory of growth and evolution. This part of the history examines how the company is performing in the current market, including any expansions, collaborations, or significant changes in its operations. It’s important to look at the current product line, any notable awards or recognitions, and how the distillery has adapted to changing market trends.

Significant Milestones

Throughout its journey, Tarnished Truth Distilling Company has reached several significant milestones. These may include notable anniversaries, expansions, the release of special or limited edition products, or milestones in production volumes. This section sheds light on these key moments that have marked the company’s progress and contributed to its story.

Tarnished Truth Distilling Company, with its rich history and dynamic presence in the spirits industry, continues to carve its path. This final section reflects on the overall journey of the distillery, summarising its past achievements and looking forward to its future prospects and ambitions in the ever-evolving world of distilling.

Awards Won by Tarnished Truth Distilling Company

American Distilling Institute’s 2021 Judging of Craft Spirits – Tarnished Truth Achievements

  1. Total Awards: Tarnished Truth earned a commendable nine awards.
  2. Gold Medal: Old Cavalier Bourbon Cream triumphed with a Gold Medal.
  3. Silver Medals Trio:
    • 3-Year High Rye Bourbon
    • Fourth Handle Coastal American Gin
    • Old Cavalier Bourbon
  4. Bronze for Packaging: The 3-Year High Rye Bourbon was recognized for its packaging.
  5. Coastal Cocktails Accolades:
    • Gold Medals for Vodka Cranberry & Orange Crush flavors.
    • Bronze Medals for Vodka Grapefruit & Whiskey Lemonade flavors.

American Distilling Institute’s 2023 International Spirits Competition – Tarnished Truth’s Success

  1. Overall Achievement: Secured three gold and four silver medals.
  2. Gold Medal Winners:
    • Coastal Cocktails Blackberry Bramble
    • Coastal Cocktails Cucumber Collins
    • Fourth Handle Gin
  3. Silver Medalists:
    • Coastal Cocktails Orange Crush
    • Discretion Single Barrel Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    • Old Cavalier Bourbon Cream
    • Coastal Cocktails Blackberry Bramble (Excellence in Packaging)

2019 SIP Awards (Spirit International Prestige) – Tarnished Truth’s Recognition

  1. Medals Earned: A total of four medals.
  2. Best-In-Class Platinum: Recognized for an unspecified spirit.
  3. Gold Medal Achievement: Awarded for an unnamed spirit.
  4. Silver Medal Success: Earned for an unspecified spirit.
  5. Notable Spirits: Including Nine Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Fourth Handle Coastal American Gin, AVA Vodka, and Three Year High Rye Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Tarnished Truth Distilling Company Tour Information and Experience

Tour Duration and Timing

  • Step into a world where time-honored methods meet modern mastery in a 45-minute exploratory journey through Tarnished Truth’s Distilling Company.
  • The tour, running from Thursday to Sunday, between 2 pm and 6 pm, offers a perfect blend of convenience and adventure for both local residents and visitors alike. This timing ensures that whether you’re wrapping up a day’s exploration or starting your evening, the tour fits seamlessly into your schedule.

A Glimpse into the Craft

  • This tour is not just a walk through a distillery; it’s an educational journey. You’ll delve into the rich history of distilling, understanding how each ingredient is carefully selected and transformed.
  • Watch the alchemy of distillation right before your eyes. From the milling of the grains to the careful distillation process, you will gain an appreciation for the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every bottle.

Savor the Flavors: Tasting Session

  • In the comfort of a specially designed tasting room, this session is a sensory exploration. Led by knowledgeable guides, you’ll taste a variety of spirits, each with its unique character and story.
  • The tasting session is more than just sipping spirits; it’s an education in flavor profiles, distillation nuances, and the art of enjoying fine spirits.

Accessibility and Personalized Attention

  • The distillery prides itself on being accessible to everyone. With thoughtfully designed spaces, everyone, regardless of mobility, can enjoy the tour.
  • The small group sizes allow for a more intimate experience. Each guest can interact with the guide, ask questions, and fully engage with the process.

The Charm of The Cavalier Hotel

  • The Tarnished Truth Distilling Company is not just located in any hotel; it’s housed in the historic Cavalier Hotel. This location adds a layer of intrigue and elegance to your visit.
  • The distillery’s integration into this historic hotel creates a unique atmosphere, blending the old’s charm with the new’s excitement.

Beyond the Tour: Additional Offerings

  • The experience extends beyond the tour. The distillery offers exclusive events in their tasting room, perfect for celebrating special occasions or hosting private gatherings.
  • Their retail space is a treasure trove of unique finds, from branded merchandise to a selection of their finest spirits. It’s the perfect place to find a souvenir or a gift for the discerning spirit enthusiast.

Booking and Flexibility

  • Booking a tour is straightforward and user-friendly, with online options available to secure your spot.
  • The distillery understands that plans can change, hence their flexible cancellation policy, allowing for last-minute adjustments without any hassle.

A Unique Blend of Education and Elegance

The Tarnished Truth Distilling Company tour is more than just a visit to a distillery; it’s an immersive experience that blends the educational aspects of spirit making with the elegant backdrop of a historic hotel. It’s an adventure that appeals to a wide array of interests, whether you’re a seasoned spirit connoisseur, a history enthusiast, or someone looking for a unique experience. This tour promises to entertain and enlighten, leaving visitors with a newfound appreciation for the craft of distilling.

Flask & Barrel Review of Tarnished Truth Distilling Company

Tarnished Truth Distilling Company stands out, meriting a solid 4.7 out of 5 in my book. Nestled in the historic Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, this place blends tradition with a modern twist in a way that’s hard to find elsewhere.

First off, the setting is just fantastic. The distillery inside a hotel gives it a unique edge – it’s both convenient and adds a touch of elegance you don’t usually get on distillery tours. Walking through, you can feel the history of the place, which adds a nice depth to the experience.

Now, onto the whiskey – the main event. Their selection is impressive, with a focus on quality over quantity. Each spirit I tasted had its own character, clearly crafted with care and expertise. The Old Cavalier Bourbon was a standout for me – smooth, with just the right balance of sweetness and spice.

The tour itself was informative without being overwhelming. As someone who’s seen quite a few distilleries, I appreciated the blend of technical detail and layman’s explanations. The staff were knowledgeable and passionate, making the experience all the more engaging.

If I had to nitpick, the only slight drawback was the size of the tasting samples – a bit smaller than what I’ve seen elsewhere. But considering the quality of what I was tasting, it’s a minor issue.

In summary, Tarnished Truth Distilling Company is a must-visit for any whiskey enthusiast. It’s not just about the spirits – though they are exceptional – it’s the entire experience. From the ambiance to the expertise on display, it’s a tour I’d recommend to both seasoned collectors and casual fans alike.

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