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Thomson Whisky Distillery

  • New Zealand
  • Manuka Smoke “Progress Report” Single Malt, Two-Tone Release, French Oak & Smoke Single Cask Release
Phone Number
  • +64278287271
  • 8 Riverhead Point Drive, Riverhead 0820, New Zealand

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History of Thomson Whisky Distillery

Thomson Whisky Distillery was established in 2009 in Auckland, born out of creativity and a passion for single malt whisky. It began as a side project in a spare room, launching as a single malt whisky brand that was initially perceived as an unconventional venture.

The Founders: Mathew and Rachael Thomson

The distillery was founded by Mathew Thomson, a visionary who had been experimenting with home distilling and smoking barley using Manuka wood since 2005. This experimentation played a crucial role in developing a distinct flavor profile for their whiskies. Mathew, along with Rachael Thomson, has been instrumental in driving the distillery’s vision and operations.

Early Developments: Independent Bottling

Initially, Thomson Whisky started as an independent bottler. They carefully selected old stock New Zealand whisky from the Willowbank Distillery in Dunedin, which had closed in the late ’90s. Their aim was to bring out high-quality whisky that New Zealanders could be proud of.

Unique Flavor: Manuka Wood Smoke

A significant aspect of Thomson Whisky’s development was the use of Manuka wood smoke. This unique approach to smoking barley contributed to a new world of flavor and helped in creating a distinctive New Zealand whisky.

Expansion into Production (2014)

In 2014, Thomson Whisky made a significant leap by launching its own production distillery. The distillery, equipped with a 900-litre hand-beaten copper pot still commissioned from Portugal, was set up onsite at the Hallertau Brewery on the outskirts of Auckland. This allowed for access to high-quality resources and expert brewing knowledge.

Current Status: Craft Whisky and Global Recognition

Today, Thomson Whisky creates premium craft whisky and gin using traditional methods and natural ingredients. The distillery has two hand-beaten copper pot stills and two gin stills, emphasizing all-natural ingredients and traditional spirits distillation processes. Thomson Whiskies have garnered several awards, marking the brand as one of New Zealand’s most awarded distilleries.

Contribution to Craft Distilling Movement

The distillery is not only known for its premium products but also for its contribution to the craft distilling movement in New Zealand. The Thomsons take pride in creating craft whisky for the modern enthusiast and in taking their products to the global stage.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Thomson Whisky Distillery continues to innovate while respecting traditional distilling methods. They focus on using quality ingredients like water, yeast, and malted barley, aged in a range of casks, including ex-bourbon barrels and New Zealand wine casks.

In conclusion, the Thomson Whisky Distillery represents a blend of innovation, tradition, and quality, marking its significant presence in the craft distilling landscape of New Zealand and beyond.

Awards Won by Thomson Whisky Distillery

  1. Manuka Smoke “Progress Report” Single Malt
    • Award-Winning Heritage: Recognized for its excellence, this whisky stands out in the world of spirits.
    • Unique New Zealand Barley: Crafted from 100% locally grown malted barley for a true Kiwi essence.
    • Distinctive Manuka Wood Smoking: The use of Manuka wood in the smoking process imparts a unique flavor, distinguishing it from other whiskies.
    • Traditional Distillation: Distilled in a hand-beaten copper pot still, adding to its unique character and taste.
  2. Two-Tone Release
    • Multi-Award Winner: This whisky has garnered multiple accolades, a testament to its exceptional quality.
    • Innovative Maturation Process: Aged in two types of casks – European oak from New Zealand red wine and American white oak for whisky – creating a one-of-a-kind profile.
    • Complex Flavor Palette: Offers a symphony of tastes including salt, caramelized fruit, red berries, apricot, and spice, making every sip an adventure.
  3. French Oak & Smoke Single Cask Release
    • Exclusive High-End Edition: A limited edition release, adding a touch of exclusivity.
    • South Island Peat Smoking: The use of peat from New Zealand’s South Island for smoking gives it a distinctive flavor.
    • Pinot Noir Cask Maturation: Matured in local Pinot Noir casks, contributing to its unique taste profile.
    • Rich Flavor Blend: A luxurious mix of candied prunes, vanilla, and peat smoke, creating a memorable and indulgent experience.

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