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Two Brewers Distillery

  • Canada
  • Canadian Single Malt of the Year (2023), Artisan Distiller of the Year (2022, 2019), Best Canadian Single Malt Whisky (2019)
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  • +18676684183
  • 102 Copper Rd, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2Z6, Canada

Two Brewers Yukon single malt whisky bottles on display.

History of Two Brewers Distillery


Founding and Early Days

Two Brewers Distillery was founded by Bob Baxter and Al Hansen, who were initially inspired to start brewing beer in Whitehorse, Yukon in 1997. This inspiration came after they embarked on a canoe trip in the Yukon. Their journey into whisky making started 12 years later, in 2009, when they purchased their first still. This marked the birth of Two Brewers Whisky, blending their expertise in engineering with a passion for beer and spirits.

Whisky Making Philosophy

The philosophy of Two Brewers is to create unique and layered whiskies, honouring traditional single malt whisky methods while innovating within the craft. They utilise their brewing experience to develop exciting flavours throughout the whisky making process.

The distillery is known for its small-batch releases, which involve a variety of malted and roasted grains, different fermentation techniques, and a diverse range of barrels for aging. Each release from Two Brewers is distinct, with the intention that no two releases are the same.

Present-Day Operations

Two Brewers continues to operate with a focus on creating distinct and varied whiskies. Their releases are classified into four main styles: Classic, Peated, Special Finishes, and Innovative. The Innovative class is particularly noteworthy for its unique approach, incorporating varied malt recipes and fermentation styles. For instance, one of their batches, Batch 14 bottled in 2019, used roasted malts, dark malt, and chocolate malt, bringing in unique coffee, chocolate, and nutty notes to the whisky.

Future Outlook

The distillery continues to make a mark in the whisky world, redefining Canadian whisky and drawing attention from whisky enthusiasts and collectors. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of whisky making while keeping their roots in traditional brewing techniques.

The story of Two Brewers Distillery is a testament to the innovation and craft in the whisky industry, especially in Canada. The distillery’s growth and achievements reflect its founders’ passion for brewing and distilling, engineering background, and dedication to producing high-quality, unique whiskies.

Awards Won by Two Brewers Distillery

Canadian Single Malt of the Year (2023): Awarded by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, this recognition places Two Brewers at the pinnacle of Canadian single malt whisky production.

Artisan Distiller of the Year (2022, 2019): Awarded at the Canadian Whisky Awards, this honour highlights Two Brewers’ craftsmanship and innovation in the field of whisky distillation.

Single Malt Whisky of the Year (2022, 2021, 2019): Also presented at the Canadian Whisky Awards, this award recognises the excellence of Two Brewers’ single malt whiskies.

Best Canadian Single Malt Whisky (2019): Presented at the World Whisky Awards, this accolade acknowledges Two Brewers as a leader in producing top-quality Canadian single malt whisky.

Malt Whisky of the Year – Yukon Brewing: Two Brewers Release 33: This specific release from Two Brewers was recognised for its exceptional quality.

Several Gold Medals for Various Releases: In the 2023 Canadian Whisky Awards, Two Brewers won gold medals for multiple releases, such as Two Brewers Release 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35, showcasing their consistent excellence across different batches.

The Art of Whisky Making at Two Brewers

Considered Selection of Malted Grains

Two Brewers Whisky takes a unique approach to their whisky making, starting with a careful selection of malted grains. They believe in using different grain varieties to produce a myriad of flavors, such as citrus, toffee, red fruits, and cacao, unlike many industrial whisky makers who opt for cheaper, less flavorful grains. This thoughtful selection is the first step in creating their extraordinary whisky.

Small Batch Mashing and Fermentation

The process of mashing and fermentation is influenced by their expertise as brewers. Two Brewers employs various mashing techniques borrowed from beer making to introduce new flavors into their mashes. They experiment with temperature and yeast varietals during fermentation, constantly searching for new and interesting flavors. This small-batch approach allows for ongoing adjustments and learning to build great whiskies at every stage.

Varied Distillation Techniques

Two Brewers has developed a rich and flavorful distiller’s beer, significantly different from the monotonous products of many distilleries. Their distillation process is focused on preserving and accentuating the flavors created in earlier stages. They experiment with their distillation techniques to bring out these flavors in new and exciting ways, made possible by their small batch production and careful attention.

Fastidious Barreling and Rebarreling

The barreling philosophy at Two Brewers seeks variety. They use a mix of virgin oak barrels and second-hand barrels from a range of admired producers. This approach adds complexity and unique flavors that cannot be achieved with malted barley alone, adhering to the principles of single malt spirits. Each barrel in a batch develops and ages uniquely, contributing to a diverse palate of flavors.

Every Release is Unique

Two Brewers celebrates the unique flavors developed in their processes by ensuring that every release is a one-of-a-kind expression. They do not blend thousands of barrels into one homogeneous product. Instead, they allow each whisky to develop a layered combination of tones and flavors, evolving into its final form before bottling.

This meticulous approach to whisky making defines Two Brewers Whisky as a distinctive player in the industry, committed to crafting layered, complex, and unique whiskies.

What To Do Nearby Two Brewers Distillery

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MacBride Museum: This museum provides insights into the First Nations, the animal life, and the Gold Rush, making it a great educational and cultural stop.

Yukon Visitor Information Centre: A visit here can provide helpful information and tips for exploring the region, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Emerald Lake: Known for its beautiful scenery, this spot is ideal for a peaceful nature experience.

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Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre: This museum offers well-displayed exhibits on natural history, providing a unique educational experience.

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Yukon Suspension Bridge: This bridge provides a thrilling experience and stunning views, ideal for those seeking a bit of adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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