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Whyte & Mackay Distillery

  • Scotland
  • Gold Medals in San Francisco Spirits Competition, Gold Medals in Wine & Spirits Competition
  • https://www.whyteandmackayltd.com/
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  • +441412485771
  • 319 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5RG, United Kingdom

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History of Whyte & Mackay

Glasgow’s Shipbuilding and Whisky Beginnings Whyte & Mackay’s story began in 1844 in Glasgow, an area renowned for its shipbuilding industry. At the time, Glasgow was a shipbuilding powerhouse, with one in every five ships globally originating from this area. James Whyte and Charles Mackay capitalized on the opportunity to offer an alternative to Cognac, a popular drink among Glasgow’s hardworking populace. They established Whyte & Mackay, introducing their superior blended whisky to the market.

Growth and Popularity

Meeting the Demand of a Growing City As Glasgow’s population swelled due to immigration from the Highlands, Ireland, and Europe, the popularity of Whyte & Mackay also grew significantly. The city’s expanding demographic, with its diverse origins, embraced the distinctive taste and quality of Whyte & Mackay’s blended whisky.

The Triple Maturation Process

A Unique Approach to Whisky Blending A significant factor in Whyte & Mackay’s sustained success is its triple maturation process. This involves aging the malt whisky and grain whisky separately before marrying them in sherry casks. This unique process ensures a rich colour with golden highlights and a smooth, rich flavour profile featuring notes of honey and fruits.

Masterful Blending

The Art of Creating Balance The blending process at Whyte & Mackay is meticulous. The Master Blender ensures that no single whisky dominates another, thus creating a harmonious blend of flavours. This dedication to balance and quality has led to multiple awards for taste and quality since 2011.

Legacy and Modernity

Enduring Heritage in Modern Times Although the shipyards of Glasgow have quieted, the legacy of strong communities and craftsmanship endures, influencing the ethos of Whyte & Mackay. Today, the company extends the legendary warmth of Glasgow’s welcome to whisky enthusiasts worldwide, maintaining the pride and passion of its founders in every glass.

Ongoing Recognition and Expansion

A Legacy of Awards and Global Reach Whyte & Mackay has earned numerous prestigious awards, reflecting the quality of its whisky and the mastery of its blending process. The brand continues to thrive in Scotland and internationally as a symbol of quality and craftsmanship in the whisky industry.

Awards Won by Whyte & Mackay

Gold Medals in San Francisco Spirits Competition: In 2012, Whyte & Mackay won a Gold medal at this prestigious competition.

Gold Medals in Wine & Spirits Competition: The brand achieved Gold medals in three consecutive years – 2013, 2014, and 2015.

International Spirits Challenge Gold Medal: Whyte & Mackay secured this award in 2018 and 2020.

Success at Whisky Magazine Awards: In 2022, the company was awarded two accolades and received two commendations. Gregg Glass, the Master Whisky Maker, was honoured as the Master Blender of the Year. Additionally, Whyte and Mackay’s Invergordon Grain won the World Whisky Award for Grain Whisky (aged 21 years and older).

International Spirits Challenge 2022: The single malts from Whyte & Mackay’s distilleries Tamnavulin, Jura, and The Dalmore collectively received 24 Gold Medals. These awards recognise the exceptional quality of their whiskies following rigorous blind-tasting assessments.

Multiple Awards at International Spirits Challenge: The brand has been honoured with several Double Gold and Gold awards across various expressions, including the Dalmore 35 Year Old, Tamnavulin Single Speyside Malt Vintage 1970, and Jura Single Highland Malt Vintage 1993, among others.

Whyte & Mackay Tour Information and Experience

Jura Distillery Tour

  • Location: Isle of Jura, West Coast of Scotland
  • Experience: This remote and beautiful island is home to the Jura Distillery, established in 1810 and reborn in 1963. The distillery offers daily tours throughout the year, inviting visitors to discover the unique heritage of the island and the intricacies of crafting Jura whisky.
  • Booking Information: Visitors should check the Jura Distillery website for details on tour schedules and booking.

The Dalmore Distillery Tour

  • Location: Northern Highlands of Scotland
  • Heritage: Founded by Sir Alexander Matheson, The Dalmore Distillery is renowned for its rich, complex whiskies and exquisite cask curation. The distillery is a pioneer in creating luxurious single malts.
  • Highlights: The tour at The Dalmore provides an in-depth look into the distillery’s iconic 12 Pointed Royal Stag emblem and its historical significance, showcasing the distillery’s dedication to producing legendary whiskies.

Invergordon Distillery Experience

  • Location: Near The Dalmore Distillery, beside the Cromarty Firth
  • Role: Invergordon serves as the site for Whyte & Mackay’s Grain Distillery and several production centres. It plays a crucial role in the company’s whisky production process.
  • Details: Specific tour details for Invergordon Distillery were not readily available, indicating a focus on production rather than visitor experiences.

Each of these distilleries under the Whyte & Mackay umbrella offers a unique glimpse into the world of Scotch whisky. From the remote charm of Jura to the historic grandeur of The Dalmore, these tours are crafted to provide a deep understanding of the art of whisky making.

Flask & Barrel Review of Whyte & Mackay

I recently visited Whyte & Mackay, and I must say, it was an experience that stood out, even for someone like me who’s been on quite a few distillery tours. I’d rate it a solid 4.7 out of 5. Here’s my take on it:

The moment I stepped into Whyte & Mackay, the atmosphere was just right. It wasn’t just about the whisky; it was about the entire experience. The distillery has a rich history, and you can feel that heritage in every corner. The guides were not only knowledgeable but also had a way of making the history come alive. It wasn’t the typical dry history lesson; it was more like storytelling, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The tasting session was the highlight for me. As a whisky collector, I’ve tasted my fair share, but the range offered here was impressive. Their blends are smooth, with a complexity that’s intriguing yet not overwhelming. The Jura line, with its unique island character, was a standout. And The Dalmore, oh! Each sip was a journey in itself.

Another aspect I appreciated was the attention to detail in their craftsmanship. It’s not just about aging whisky in barrels; it’s about understanding wood, spirit, and time. You can tell they take pride in this, and it shines through in their products.

The only reason I’m not going full 5/5 is that I felt the tour could have included a bit more about their actual distilling process. As a whisky enthusiast, I’m always curious about the nitty-gritty of production. But that’s just me wanting to dive deeper into the technical side.

What To Do Nearby Whyte & Mackay

Kincraig Castle: Located about 3 miles from Invergordon, Kincraig Castle is a great spot to enjoy whisky, particularly Dalmore whiskies, in a charming setting. The castle provides a serene atmosphere perfect for whisky enthusiasts.

The Ship Inn: Just across from Invergordon port, The Ship Inn is an excellent local pub to visit, especially in the summer when you can enjoy their garden area. It’s a great place to relax and experience the local vibe.

Tuckers Inn: Situated along the shore from the cruise port, Tuckers Inn offers a pleasant bar with views across the Cromarty Firth. It’s a nice spot for a drink, especially when the weather is warm, with outdoor seating available.

The Co-operative Store: If you’re looking to buy whisky in Invergordon, The Co-operative store is a convenient option. It’s a short walk from the ship and offers a selection of whiskies.

Glenmorangie Distillery: While not in Invergordon itself, the Glenmorangie Distillery is a popular choice for distillery tours. Known for its exceptional whiskies, it’s worth the trip if you have time.

The Singleton Distillery: Another excellent distillery with a beautiful visitor centre. While it requires a bit of travel from Invergordon, it’s a recommended visit for whisky lovers.

Jura Distillery: Located on the Isle of Jura, this distillery offers a unique experience with its remote and beautiful setting. Though it’s further away, it’s an excellent choice for a more immersive distillery tour.

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The Buttery: It has a rating of 4.8 stars on Google Maps. For reservations, you can contact them on their phone at +44 141 221 8188. Their address is 652 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8UF, United Kingdom.

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