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Widow Jane Distillery

  • USA, New York
  • Awards for Decadence Bourbon and LUCKY THIRTEEN Bourbo
Phone Number
  • +17184074927
  • 218 Conover St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

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History of Widow Jane Distillery

Founding and Location

Widow Jane Distillery, located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, is a notable establishment in the whiskey industry. The distillery is situated at the crossroads of old and new New York City, embodying the unique spirit of the area.

Whiskey Production and Ingredients

The distillery is renowned for hand-assembling fine barrels of Straight Bourbon & Rye Whiskeys in Brooklyn. These are non-chill filtered and proofed with pure limestone water from the legendary Rosendale Mines of Upstate New York. Widow Jane also distills weekly, using non-GMO ingredients, including unique corn varietals like Baby Jane.

Unique Ingredient: Rosendale Limestone Water

A key aspect of Widow Jane’s whiskey is the use of pure limestone mineral water from the Rosendale Mines, located 100 miles north of Brooklyn. This water, enriched with minerals and with a history tied to iconic New York structures like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building, is a signature ingredient in their whiskeys.

The Distilling Process

The distillery’s process includes mashing & fermentation using non-GMO grains, distillation in small batches, aging in New American Oak barrels, and blending. Their signature product, Widow Jane 10 Year Bourbon, is a blend of bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, hand-assembled in Brooklyn.

Future Plans

Widow Jane aims to produce 100% of its whiskey in New York. Currently, they are at full capacity in Red Hook and have plans to consolidate all production in New York, indicating a vision for growth and commitment to their roots.

Awards Won by Widow Jane Distillery

  1. Decadence Bourbon

    • Released: Spring 2020.
    • Notable Feature: Finished in American oak barrels that held Crown Maple artisan maple syrup.
    • Taste Profile: Creamy, smooth, slightly sweet with a faint maple note.
    • Proof: 45.5% ABV (91 proof).
    • Popularity: Rapid sell-outs indicate high consumer demand.
    • Price: SRP $99.99.
    • Additional Information: Decadence has been reintroduced in limited runs each year since its debut​​​​.

    • Age: 13 years.
    • Unique Aspect: Aged in hand-picked American oak barrels, proofed with limestone-rich water from Rosendale Mines, New York.
    • Profile: Intense, complex bourbon character.
    • Proof: 93 proof (46.5% ABV).
    • Production: Crafted in hyper-small batches.
    • Price: SRP $124.99.
    • Additional Information: Initially a private-single-barrel program, it is now available exclusively in small batches.

Widow Jane Distillery Tour Information and Experience


Flask & Barrel Review of Widow Jane Distillery

First off, the location in Red Hook, Brooklyn, adds a unique urban charm to the distillery. It’s not every day you find a whiskey haven in the heart of New York City. The setting adds a modern twist to the traditional whiskey-making scene, and I loved that contrast.

The tour itself was top-notch. Being a bit of a whiskey tour veteran, I appreciated how the guides at Widow Jane combined detailed knowledge with a friendly, approachable style. They didn’t just reel off facts and figures; they told the story of their whiskey with passion. It’s clear they take pride in their craft, and that enthusiasm is infectious.

Now, let’s talk about the whiskey. The tasting session was the highlight for me. Widow Jane’s bourbons have a distinctive character, thanks in part to the limestone-rich water from the Rosendale Mines they use for proofing.

I was particularly impressed with the Decadence and LUCKY THIRTEEN varieties. With its maple syrup barrel finish, the Decadence offers a unique, creamy, and slightly sweet profile that’s different from anything I’ve tasted before. The LUCKY THIRTEEN, aged for 13 years, had a complexity and depth that I found truly remarkable.

If there’s one area for improvement, it’s perhaps the size of the tasting samples. Given the quality of the whiskey, I would have loved a little more to savor. But that’s a minor point in an otherwise excellent experience.

What To Do Nearby Widow Jane Distillery

Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier (Approx. 0.5 miles)

Just a short walk from Widow Jane Distillery, this waterfront park offers stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. It’s a perfect spot for a relaxing stroll or a picnic after your distillery tour.

Red Hook Food Vendors (Approx. 0.6 miles)

Experience the local culinary scene at the Red Hook Food Vendors. Here, you can savor various delicious street foods, ranging from Latin American to traditional American cuisine.

The Waterfront Museum (Approx. 0.7 miles)

This museum is situated on a floating barge and provides an intriguing look at New York’s maritime history. It’s a unique experience combining education, art, and scenic water views.

Pioneer Works (Approx. 0.8 miles)

This cultural centre is dedicated to experimentation, education, and production across disciplines. Check out their exhibitions, performances, and workshops for a dose of art and innovation.

IKEA Brooklyn (Approx. 0.9 miles)

While it might seem unusual, the IKEA store in Red Hook offers more than just furniture shopping. Its waterfront location provides a pleasant area to walk around, and you can grab some Swedish meatballs or other treats at their cafeteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants are near Widow Jane Distillery?

Table 87: This place boasts a 4.6-star rating and is famous for its coal-fired pizza, available by the slice. Located at 473 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, it’s a modern Italian eatery serving beer and wine, providing a cozy ambience. You can call them at (718) 965-8400 for inquiries or reservations.

O’Keefe’s Bar & Grill: With a 4.2-star rating, O’Keefe’s at 62 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, is a vibrant sports bar offering an array of pub grub and a wide selection of drinks. It’s an ideal spot for watching sports games and enjoying a lively atmosphere. They can be contacted at (718) 855-8751.

The Soul Spot: Also rated at 4.2 stars, The Soul Spot is located at 302 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201. This quaint restaurant specializes in Southern soul food and Caribbean dishes, providing a cozy dine-in experience and takeout options. They are known for their homemade meals and generous portion sizes. To reach them, call (718) 596-9933.

What hotels are near Widow Jane Distillery?

The Lodge Red Hook: This hotel has a rating of 4.1 stars on Google Maps. For reservations, you can contact them at (718) 675-5200. Their address is 17 Seabring St, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge: This hotel has a rating of 4.3 stars. You can contact them for bookings at (718) 246-7000. It is located at 333 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

NU Hotel Brooklyn: This hotel has a 4.2-star rating. For reservations, their phone number is (718) 852-8585 at 85 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.