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Name: Wuliangye Distillery
Address: QHVW+GHW, Wuliangye Blvd Jiuyuan Rd, Cuiping District, Yibin, Sichuan, China, 644000
Website: https://www.wuliangye.com.cn/zh/


History of Wuliangye Distillery

Establishment and Early History

Wuliangye Distillery, a prominent figure in the Chinese liquor industry, has its roots in the “Sichuan Yibin Distillery, China Monopoly Company”, formed in the early 1950s by merging several ancient brewery mills.

The distillery gained its current name, “Yibin Wuliangye Distillery”, in 1959. This change heralded the establishment of “Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd” in 1998, following a significant restructuring.

Tang Qiao is recognised as the founder of Wuliangye, as it is known in its modern form.

Growth and Development

Wuliangye Distillery underwent significant evolution in 1998, transitioning into the Wuliangye Group and Wuliangye Yibin Co. Ltd. In the same year, it was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, marking a pivotal moment in its history. By 2023, the company had achieved substantial commercial success, securing the #164 spot on the “Fortune China 500” list.

Products and Strategies

The company’s product range is extensive, encompassing various types of liquor with alcohol concentrations ranging from 39° to 72°. The Wuliangye brand follows a “1+3” product strategy, with a focus on high-end Baijiu series produced from ancient fermentation pits. The distillery also employs a “4+4” product strategy for its strong aromatic Baijiu brand, covering both national and regional key brands.

Current Status

As of recent years, Wuliangye has been actively involved in technological innovation. It boasts the largest and most automated aseptic filling line in China. The company’s brand value was estimated at RMB 35.826 billion Yuan in 2006, reflecting its strong market presence.

Unique Aspects and Recognition

Wuliangye Liquor is known for its use of five different cereals and traditional brewing processes, resulting in a liquor with a distinct style and versatile flavors. The brand has received numerous awards and recognitions, including 38 gold medals in various international expos.

Operational Scale

Wuliangye has an impressive production capacity, able to brew and pack over 400,000 tons of liquor annually. This capability is supported by a workforce of over 26,000 employees.

Challenges and Opportunities

Wuliangye faces competition from both domestic and international brands. However, it also has opportunities to expand its legacy and increase its presence in foreign markets. Brand loyalty, a focus on traditional processes, and effective advertising are among its strengths, while challenges include brand switching and limited production capacity.

Wuliangye continues to be a significant player in the liquor industry, with its rich history, diverse product range, and ongoing commitment to innovation and quality.

Awards Won by Wuliangye Distillery

Gold Prize at the Panama International Exposition (1915): This early international recognition set the stage for Wuliangye’s global acclaim.

Over 100 International Awards: Wuliangye has consistently been recognised internationally, receiving over 100 awards in various categories.

National Famous Liquor: This title underlines Wuliangye’s significance and prestige within China’s liquor industry.

National Quality Management Award: This award highlights Wuliangye’s commitment to maintaining high standards in production and management.

Best Credit Enterprise in China: This accolade reflects Wuliangye’s reliability and trustworthiness in the business sector.

Centennial Expo & 100-Year Golden Award: These awards commemorate Wuliangye’s long-standing tradition and excellence over a century.

National Intangible Cultural Heritage (2008): This recognition underscores the cultural significance of Wuliangye’s traditional baijiu-making techniques.

Top Rankings in Brand Value: In 2017, Wuliangye was ranked No. 60 in the “top 500 Asian Brands”, No. 100 in the “top 500 Most Valuable Brands in the World”, and No. 338 in the “top 500 World Brands”.

Fortune China 500 Ranking (2023): Wuliangye was ranked at #164, indicating its considerable commercial success and influence.

Wuliangye Distillery Tour Information and Experience

The Golden Triangle of Baijiu

Located in the “Golden Triangle” of baijiu production in Sichuan Province, the Wuliangye Distillery stands as a beacon of traditional Chinese liquor making. This region is renowned for its distinct flavors, shaped by the unique local climate and resources.

 Inside the Wuliangye Wine History Museum

Centuries-Old Manufacturing Brilliance

A significant highlight of the tour is the Wuliangye Wine History Museum. Here, visitors delve into the ancient manufacturing methods of Wuliangye. The distillery maintains a traditional approach, blending five grains and age-old fermentation techniques.

The Art of Baijiu Making

From Grains to Exquisite Liquor

Tour participants witness the entire production process, encompassing everything from the initial preparation of grains to the final blending. This involves a unique yeast, resembling bread, and a double fermentation process totaling over 140 days.

Beyond the Distillery

Exploring Lizhuang Ancient Town and Shu’nan Bamboo Forest

The tour experience extends beyond the distillery. Visitors can explore the historic Lizhuang Ancient Town and the Shu’nan Bamboo Forest, known for its diverse bamboo species and scenic hiking trails.

A Cultural and Historical Journey

Immersive Experience in Traditional Chinese Liquor Production

This tour is not just about tasting liquor; it’s an immersive journey into the cultural and historical depths of China’s famed baijiu. It’s an essential experience for anyone keen on understanding the rich heritage of Chinese beverages.

Flask & Barrel Review of Wuliangye Distillery

As someone who has explored many distilleries worldwide, my visit to the Wuliangye Distillery was a delightful surprise. Nestled in Yibin, at the heart of Sichuan Province, this place is a treasure trove of history and tradition dating back to the Ming Dynasty.

What struck me first was the sheer scale of the operation. The distillery combines ancient techniques with modern innovations, creating a truly unique baijiu. The variety of spirits, from high-alcohol to low-alcohol concentrations, offers something for every palate. The show’s star, the eighth-generation Wuliangye, is a testament to the distillery’s commitment to preserving its heritage.

The tour itself was insightful. Seeing the aged cellars and the crypt-type fermentation pits, some of China’s oldest, was a highlight. It’s not every day you get to witness such a blend of ancient methods and contemporary technology in action.

Tasting the Wuliangye was an experience in itself. The liquor’s strong, aromatic flavour, derived from a blend of five cereals, is distinct from any whiskey I’ve tasted. It’s smooth, complex, and leaves a lasting impression.

My only gripe, a minor one, is that the tour felt a bit rushed in places. As a collector, I crave detailed insights into the production process, and while informative, there were moments where I wished for a deeper dive.

What To Do Nearby Wuliangye Distillery

Lizhuang Ancient Town (Approx. 21 miles from the distillery): Known as “the first town on the Great Yangtze River,” this town has a rich history and cultural influence. It’s less commercialized and offers a genuine glimpse into traditional Han culture.

Wuliangye Wine History Museum (Approx. 3 miles from the distillery): A must-visit for those interested in the history of Wuliangye liquor. The museum showcases the distillery’s traditions and the evolution of their famous baijiu.

Mt. Cuiping Forest Park (Approx. 6 miles from the distillery): Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, this park offers a beautiful temple at the top, rewarding those who don’t mind a bit of a climb.

Hejiangmen Scenic Resort (Approx. 4 miles from the distillery): A great place to visit in the evening, offering stunning views and a lively atmosphere with various activities.

Yibin Daguan Tower (Approx. 6 miles from the distillery): This architectural wonder houses a museum that provides a brief history of the area.

Shunan Bamboo Forest (Distance not specified, but in Yibin area): As the oldest and largest bamboo forest in China, it offers a refreshing environment with its natural beauty and is a top ecological attraction in the region.

Xingwen Stone Forest (Distance not specified, but in Yibin area): This National Scenic Area features unique karst landforms and is rich in historical relics, making it a fascinating destination for geology and history enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants are near Wuliangye Distillery?

Zun Chinese Restaurant: Specializing in Chinese cuisine, it is well-received by patrons. The address is China, Sichuan, Yibin, Xuzhou District, 10, Mu Lin Lu, 10号鲁能皇冠假日酒店3F 邮政编码: 644006 and their contact number is +868318183301.

Shangcheng Home-Cooked Dish Restaurant: It is located at 64 Shang Mei Lu. It’s a Chinese restaurant offering both dine-in and takeout options. You can contact them at +868313783460.

Huiyi Restaurant: It can be found at 17 Jian Xin Dong Lu. This is also a Chinese eatery with services including dine-in and takeout. You can contact them at +868313553962.

What hotels are near Wuliangye Distillery?

Crowne Plaza Yibin: It is a 4-star hotel with a high customer rating of 4.5, provides amenities like air conditioning, breakfast, Wi-Fi, and an airport shuttle. Their address is No.10 Mulin Road, Cuiping District, Yibin, Sichuan, China, 644002 and the contact number is +868318180000.

Hanting Hotel:  It offers a comfortable stay with its services, priced at CHF 19, making it an affordable option. Their contact number is +868315556336.

The Holiday Inn Express Yibin, an IHG Hotel: It is known for its air-conditioned rooms, with prices starting at CHF 35.  The address is China, Sichuan宜宾黄桷坪路1段4号楼 邮政编码: 644000. The contact number is +868316660999.