Zuidam Distillers

  • Netherlands

Zuidam Distillers

Name: Zuidam Distillers
Address: Smederijstraat, 5111 PT Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands
Phone: +31135078470
Email: info@zuidam.eu
Website: https://www.zuidam.nl/nl/


History of Zuidam Distillers

Founding and Early Years

Zuidam Distillers, known initially as Baarle International, was founded in 1975 in the Netherlands. The distillery was established by Fred van Zuidam, who had previously gained 20 years of experience as a master distiller in a large distillery. He started Zuidam on a small scale, initially with one production line and one pot still.

Growth and Family Involvement

Fred van Zuidam’s distillery initially produced good drinks but not distinct from competitors. It wasn’t until his wife, Helene, began designing packaging labels that the business started to gain traction. The distillery expanded over the years, with Fred’s sons, Patrick and Gilvert, taking over production and customer services, respectively. This family-led approach has been a key factor in the distillery’s success.

Current Status

Today, Zuidam Distillers operates on a much larger scale, with six stills and four production lines, and a 3600 square meter facility housing 1000 barrels. The distillery maintains its family ownership and continues producing various spirits and liqueurs.

Products and Innovations

Zuidam is renowned for its MillStone Whisky brand and its gins and genevers. They have experimented with different barley types and have a longer fermentation time of five days, which contributes to a fruity new make spirit, along with the use of small pot stills.

Zuidam also differs from many distilleries in its use of vintage solera sherry casks rather than seasoned ones, which are integral to the unique flavor profiles of their spirits.

Distilling Methods

Patrick van Zuidam, recognized as a master distiller, oversees the production at the distillery. Traditional methods are still employed in the distilling process, including milling malted grains for genever in Dutch windmills, long fermentation times, distilling in pot stills, and aging in oak casks.

Awards Won by Zuidam Distillers

World’s Best Distillery 2020: Awarded by Wizards of Whiskey, this honour recognises Zuidam as a top player in the distillery world.

Millstone 100 Rye Whisky Awards: This whisky has garnered attention, achieving 95 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2021 and 92 points at the New York International Spirits Competition.

International Spirits Challenge, London: Zuidam has won both a Gold Medal and the title of Best in Class at this highly respected competition.

Dutch Courage Dry Gin Awards: This gin has a list of accolades, including a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2012, Master/Best in Class from Drinks Business, “Best White Spirit of the year” by Paul Pacult’s Spirits Journal, and a gold medal at the BTI competition in Chicago.

Other Recognitions: Dutch Courage Dry Gin also received “Classic, highest recommendation” (96-100 points) from Wine Enthusiast and was awarded the Best of Show at the Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Distinctive Features of Zuidam Distillers

Exclusive Use of Dutch Windmills for Milling

One of the unique aspects of Zuidam Distillers is their use of traditional Dutch windmills for milling the malted grains. This method is not only culturally significant but also ensures a gentle milling process, preserving the integrity of the grains.

Extended Fermentation Process

Zuidam employs an unusually long fermentation period for their spirits. Extending the fermentation to five days, much longer than the industry standard, allows for the development of a deeper and more complex flavor profile in their products.

Custom Distillation Method for Gin

Zuidam uses a distinct distillation method to produce their Dutch Courage Dry Gin where each botanical is distilled separately. This results in a gin with a fresh, layered, and complex flavor profile, distinguished from other gins that typically distill all botanicals together.

Limited and Special Edition Releases

Zuidam has a reputation for offering limited and special edition releases. These exclusive products often feature unique aging processes or rare ingredients, providing connoisseurs with distinctive and sought-after spirits.

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