Whiskey enthusiasts, mark your calendars for an immersive experience of flavors, aromas, and spirited camaraderie at the Whiskey and Barrel Nite in Chicago. Scheduled for October 25, 2023, at Morgan MFG, 401 N Morgan St, Chicago, IL, this event promises a night where the worlds of whiskey, culinary arts, and community converge.

A Symphony of Whiskeys from Around the Globe

With a staggering array of over 180 bourbons, scotches, and whiskies from across the world, attendees will embark on a global journey of whiskey exploration. From the smoky peats of Scotland to the sweet bourbons of Kentucky, the event offers a palate of experiences that cater to both seasoned whiskey connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Culinary Pairings and Whiskey-Infused Delights

Complementing the spirited tastings, a whiskey-infused dinner, curated by Heybeck’s Meat Market & Gourmet Catering, will tantalize taste buds with dishes like slow-smoked seasoned pork shoulder with bourbon barbecue glaze, pan-seared chicken breast with a creamy mushroom bourbon glaze, and sweet potato soufflé, among others. The integration of whiskey into the culinary offerings provides a harmonious pairing that elevates the tasting experience.

VIP Experience and Exclusive Pours

The event offers a VIP Admission for $179, granting attendees early access from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM, along with unlimited access to the VIP Experience Area. VIP ticket holders will be treated to special and select whiskies not available on the main floor, including exclusive pours like Blanton’s Gold, Johnnie Walker Blue, Weller 12yr, and more. The VIP Experience Area promises a tasting within itself, with limited tickets available to ensure an exclusive and intimate experience.

A Nod to Charity and Community

In a heartwarming gesture, Whiskey and Barrel Nite supports the Respiratory Health Association’s mission to prevent lung disease, promote clean air, and help people live better through education, research, and policy change. This alignment with a charity partner underscores the event’s commitment to community and social responsibility.

Meet the Whiskey Maestros

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to meet Robin Robinson, a seasoned educator, sales strategist, and brand representative in the spirits industry, and author of “The Complete Whiskey Course.” Additionally, Annabel Thomas, founder of Nc’nean, will share her journey from a London girl to establishing a distillery on the West Coast of Scotland with a mission to create a whiskey in harmony with the planet.

A Night to Remember

From the extensive list of brands and whiskies, including VIP pours and featured whiskies like 1861 Distillery Quinoa Whiskey, Amrut Bagheera Indian Single Malt, Blackadder Chimera Cask Strength Blended Malt, and many more, to the whiskey-infused dinner and live music, Whiskey and Barrel Nite is set to be a memorable event that celebrates the rich and diverse world of whiskey.