Liquor Type

Tequila - 6 cl
Tomato Juice - 3 cl
Orange Juice - 3 cl
Lime Juice - 1.5 cl
Sugar Syrup - 1 dash
Salt - 1 pinch

Vampiros may be made in a tall glass or an old fashioned glass. Bartenders may first “rim” the glass with Kosher Salt, which is done by placing a layer of Kosher Salt on a chopping board, moistening the glass’ rim with lime juice or water, and then placing the upside down glass rim onto the Kosher Salt, so that the salt sticks to the moistened rim. The second step is to fill half the glass with ice and add one or two shooter glasses full of high quality Tequila. The next stage is to add the flavouring elements. This is done by squeezing a fresh lime into the glass, adding a few grains of salt, adding citrus-flavoured soda pop, until the glass is 4/5 full, and then adding spicy Viuda de Sanchez (or orange juice, lime juice and pico de gallo). The final step is to stir the ingredients so that the flavours are properly blended.