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If you’re a whiskey connoisseur, Heaven’s Door Whiskey might already be on your radar. Bob Dylan, a well-known musician, and Chris Morris, a well-known master distiller at Brown-Forman, put out the range in 2018. It has three different blends: straight rye, straight bourbon, and Tennessee rye. Each is made using time-tested methods to give it a smooth finish that packs a punch. But what does the whiskey actually taste like? We’ll dive deep into Heaven’s Door Whiskey to answer all your questions as we review its unique flavor, production, and mixability.

How Would You Review Heaven’s Door Whiskey?

Heaven’s Door Whiskey lived up to its reputation. From the first sip, I could really taste the brown sugar and butter, and the cinnamon notes were a great addition. As the whiskey lingered in my mouth, I noticed a strong oaky flavor that had been skillfully mixed with sweet vanilla, a light cinnamon apple, and subtle hints of cherries. Thanks to Heaven’s Door Whiskey’s unique secondary barrel-aging process, drinkers can enjoy a flavor profile that is both robust and delicate.

Where Is The Heaven’s Door Distillery Located?

The Heaven’s Door Distillery is right in the middle of Nashville, Tennessee, which has been known for hundreds of years for its music and whiskey.

Heaven's Door Distillery graphic, Nashville, Tennessee.
Heaven’s Door Whiskey Review – Distillery

The distillery itself is located in a 160-year-old church, which makes it an iconic part of the city and provides a unique destination for people from all backgrounds to visit.

What Is The History Behind Heaven’s Door Whiskey?

The history of Heaven’s Door Whiskey began with a collaboration between Bob Dylan and Marc Bushala, a spirits innovator. Bushala asked Dylan in 2018 if he would be interested in making a whiskey in honor of the famous singer-songwriter’s music and art. From there, the two began working together to develop a unique whiskey that would capture the essence of Dylan’s creativity.

The brand was officially launched in May 2019 when the first two expressions of Heaven’s Door Whiskey were released: a straight bourbon whiskey and a double barrel whiskey. Both kinds are made with a unique mix of grains from Tennessee, Indiana, and Minnesota. The Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged for seven to eight years in charred white oak barrels. According to Bushala, the barrels used to age the whiskey “are made of wood from the same region as Bob Dylan’s childhood home.”

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Heaven’s Door Whiskey Review – History Facts About Heaven’s Door

In addition to its whiskey, Heaven’s Door also produces an array of other products, including rye whiskey, vodka, and a variety of liqueurs. The brand’s award-winning line of whiskeys has been praised by critics for their complex flavor profiles and smooth finishes. People have also said nice things about the brand’s creative packaging, which uses art and pictures from Dylan’s own work. According to Bushala, the collaboration between Dylan and Heaven’s Door has “created a brand that truly reflects the legacy of Bob Dylan.”

How does Heaven’s Door Whiskey get its name?

Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey is a unique whiskey made from three different Tennessee whiskeys mixed together. The two traditional bourbons in the blend are made with two different mash bills, while the straight rye whiskey adds complexity and a distinctive flavor profile to the mix. After distillation, each of these whiskeys is filtered through maple charcoal using the Lincoln County Process, which brings out more depth and complexity in the whiskey while also giving it greater smoothness and flavor. After that, Heaven’s Door ages its final blend for several years in both new and used oak barrels. This lets subtle notes of caramel and vanilla develop over time and adds to the richness and bouquet of the body as a whole.

Where Is Heaven’s Door Whiskey Made?

Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey is crafted and distilled in the heart of Tennessee, where it has been made since its inception.

What Is The History Of Heaven’s Door Whiskey?

Heaven’s Door Whiskey is a premium American whiskey created and produced by three craftsmen-turned-owners in 2018, but its story begins before then. Bob Dylan, a famous singer-songwriter, trademarked the term “bootleg whiskey” in 2015. He did this to remind people of his famous “bootleg” recordings that had not yet been released. His pioneering movie inspired the idea for this new brand of whiskey. However, due to a legal dispute in 2017, it was not until 2018 that Heaven’s Door was batched, bottled, and ready for public consumption.

Heaven's Door Whiskey description and tasting notes.
Heaven’s Door Whiskey Review – What is Heaven’s Door Whiskey?

What Does Heaven’s Door Whiskey Smell Like?

Heaven’s Door Whiskey has an inviting and alluring aroma that captivates the senses. When you take a deep breath in, you can smell the strong scent of old oak, along with hints of butterscotch, cinnamon, vanilla, and even roasted peanuts. Oaky tones stand out right away because they are the main smell. They create a balanced base for other smells to build on.

Is Heaven’s Door Whiskey any good?

Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey is an exceptional product worthy of praise. It has been aged in two barrels, which gives it a unique finish, smell, and complexity that is hard to copy. Also, its quality is better than what you’d expect from a celebrity-backed product, making it one of the best in its class.

Does Heaven’s Door Whiskey Disclose Its Ingredients?

Unfortunately, Heaven’s Door Whiskey does not disclose its ingredients, leaving consumers with minimal information regarding the whiskey that has gone into their bottle.

Which Heaven’s Door Whiskey Is the Best?

Heaven’s Door Tennessee Straight bourbon whiskey has been hailed by industry experts. This one is made with carefully chosen grains that are aged in charred American oak barrels that were made by hand. The result is a smooth finish with notes of vanilla and oak that taste like warm caramel.

What Are The Different Expressions Of Heaven’s Door?

The Heaven’s Door collection of American whiskeys offers three distinct expressions to explore. Straight bourbon is the first expression. It is made from a balanced mix of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley, which gives it a smooth taste.

Heaven's Door Whiskey varieties with descriptions.
Heaven’s Door Whiskey Review – Expressions of Heaven’s Door Whiskey

The Double Barrel Whiskey is an enticing blend of new American white oak barrels casked with ex-Rye whiskey barrels; this makes for a full-bodied flavor profile with hints of oak, caramel, and fruit. The powerful Straight Rye expression is made with a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, resulting in a spicy yet mellow flavor profile with hints of cinnamon, clove, and honeyed sweetness.

What Is Heaven’s Door Limited Edition Whiskey?

Cask-strength whiskeys made with great care and attention to detail characterize Heaven’s Door Limited Edition Whiskey. Since the bottles came out in 2019, whiskey lovers have been in love with the artwork that Bob Dylan made for them. This 26-year-old whiskey from Volume I was stored in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels. The bourbon in Volume II is 15 years old and was aged in rum barrels from Jamaica. The new 13-year-old Heaven’s Door bourbon that has been finished with Vino de Naranja is a welcome addition to the market. This is an excellent illustration of complex and skilled craftsmanship.

Other Than Bob Dylan, Who Is Responsible For Heaven’s Door Whiskey?

Marc Bushala and Ryan Perry, both of whom have a lot of experience in the industry, worked together to make Heaven’s Door Whiskey. Marc Bushala has over 20 years of experience in the alcohol industry. He started Angel’s Envy Bourbon and has a huge amount of knowledge about making products, building brands, and promoting whiskey education. On the other hand, Ryan Perry has worked in the industry for more than two decades as a highly skilled whiskey developer at Diageo. His expertise has helped contribute to the quality and complexity of many different whiskies over the years.


Heaven’s Door Whiskey is a premium American whiskey with a flavor that is both strong and smooth. It was made by three craftsmen who later bought the company. The secondary barrel-aging process sets this whiskey apart from traditional bourbons, making it perfect for those who enjoy a unique flavor. Bob Dylan’s involvement in creating this product adds to its intrigue, and at $50 per bottle, it is sure to be a hit among fans of American whiskey.