New Riff Bourbon Review – Audio

At first glance, New Riff Bourbon may seem like any other bourbon on the shelf, but even a quick taste reveals its complexity and depth of flavor. As one of the most sought-after craft bourbons, New Riff offers lovers of whiskey an exciting new option. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just dipping your toe into the world of fine spirits, you won’t want to miss reading about why experts are so excited about this whisky.

What Is New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon Made Of?

The Bottled-in-Bond Act’s gold standard for quality, the Bottled-in-Bond Act, says that New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon can only be made from non-GMO grains. Its unique mash bill is made up of 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley. This is a nod to traditional Kentucky recipes.

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New Riff Bourbon Review – What is New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon?

This mix of grains makes whiskey that tastes savory and spicy and has a full body that no other whiskey can match. The bourbon is aged in charred 53-gallon new oak barrels using the full sour mash Kentucky method, which is used to make many high-end whiskeys.

What Makes New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon Unique?

The 30% rye in the mash bill of New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon makes it stand out from other bourbons on the market. This is a big change from the 10–25% rye grain used in traditional bourbon. This higher percentage of rye places New Riff in great company with other bourbons such as Four Roses’ “B” mash bill, which has 35% rye, and one of MGP’s frequently used bourbon mash bills that boasts 36%. So, when compared to traditional bourbon, this bourbon’s high rye content makes it taste and smell very different. With such a high percentage of rye, the beer has a lot of depth and complexity. The boldness of the rye and the sweetness of the corn create an exciting balance, with vanilla and caramel notes that are slightly spicy.

Why is New Riff’s production limited?

Because it only has access to one aquifer, New Riff Distillery can only make a certain amount of alcohol. This aquifer is the only source of water, and it can only provide a certain amount of water per day. This means that the distillery can only make small amounts of alcohol. This one water source is a big part of what makes each barrel of New Riff’s bourbon taste different from the rest.

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Historical Facts About New Riff Bourbon

The whiskey is said to have a range of flavors, from smoky and citrusy on one end to nutty and sweet on the other, which can be achieved in just four or five years.

Why Is Single Barrel Bourbon Better?

Single-barrel bourbon is thought to be better than blended whiskeys because it gives you a unique and one-of-a-kind taste experience. Single-barrel bourbons are taken from a single barrel and bottled as they are. This is different from blended whiskeys, which are usually made by mixing different barrels to get a certain flavor. Because all of the different flavors in that one barrel have been kept, each bottle has its own flavor. This means that each bottle of single-barrel bourbon has a unique flavor profile that can’t be duplicated. Blends can’t compete with this uniqueness.

What Is The Price Of New Riff Bourbon?

At just $45 for a bottle, New Riff Straight Bourbon is easy to get and looks good. This price point makes it a great option for both beginners to the world of bourbon and seasoned connoisseurs alike; you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy its complex flavors and smooth finish. Unlike other bourbons in the same price range, New Riff Straight Bourbon stands out with its superior quality, depth of flavor, and consistent taste profile. It’s no wonder it has become so popular with whiskey enthusiasts around the globe: not only do you get a sophisticated flavor comparable to more expensive options on the market, but also an incredibly well-rounded product with special notes of oak, caramel, and vanilla that linger on the palate.

What Does Bottled In Bond Mean?

“Bottled in Bond” is a measure of bourbon’s quality that makes sure it was made under very strict conditions. This process, which the United States government regulates, requires that all bourbon be aged for a minimum of four years in a federally bonded warehouse and be bottled at an alcohol content of 100 proof (50% ABV). This process makes sure that the whiskey is real and pure and doesn’t have any additives or fillers. Because of how strictly these federal rules are followed, the “Bottled-in-Bond” label also shows an appreciation for craftsmanship and higher quality in terms of taste, smell, and feel.

Why Is New Riff Bourbon Not Chill Filtered?

Chill filtration is a process that removes fatty acids from the fermentation process. While it can make spirits appear clear and crisp, it also strips away flavor and aroma. This is why craft whiskeys usually aren’t chill-filtered, which can preserve their rich taste and smell.

What Are Some New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon Aromas?

The flavors in New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon are complex and interesting. It has a bold mix of sweetness and spice. On the nose, enjoy initial notes of honey and caramel, followed by hints of dill, licorice, roasted oak, and cloves. As the smell keeps getting stronger, a hint of roasted graham cracker completes this complex taste.

What Is The History Of New Riff Bourbon?

New Riff Bourbon is the perfect mix of traditional Kentucky whiskey and modern craft distilling techniques. New Riff is one of the best craft distilleries in the world. It was started in 2014 by Ken Lewis, an entrepreneur and liquor store owner from the Bluegrass State. New Riff has made a wide range of whiskeys, from bourbon and rye to malted rye and even Kentucky wild gin, with the help of an experienced team.

How Is New Riff Bourbon Made?

The non-GMO grains used to make New Riff Bourbon are 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley. This gives the famous Kentucky whiskey tradition a strong and flavorful twist. They use both modern and traditional methods to make sure that every product tastes the same. During its four-year journey in 53-gallon new oak barrels that have been toasted and charred, the aging process for New Riff Bourbon is carefully managed.

Where Is New Riff Bourbon Located?

New Riff Bourbon is proud to be on the banks of the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky. The location is the perfect place for making the high-quality spirits that New Riff is proud to make.

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New Riff Bourbon Review – Distillery

How Long Is New Riff Bourbon Aged?

New Riff Bourbon is aged for at least four years, following the full sour mash Kentucky regimen. This long period of aging makes sure that each bottle of New Riff Bourbon has a unique flavor profile and a taste that can’t be found anywhere else. The bourbon is carefully aged in 53-gallon new oak barrels that have been toasted and charred. This gives the whiskey a flavor that can’t be beat by letting it fully absorb the flavors of the wood. New Riff has also released limited edition “riffs” to preserve this distinct flavor. These “riffs” show how creative they are and give them a chance to try making different kinds of whiskey.


If you’re looking for a high-quality, small-batch bourbon that is perfect for both beginners and experienced whiskey drinkers, look no further than New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon. With a unique mash bill of 30% rye, this bourbon has assertive character notes of honey and caramel. And because these “riffs” show how creative they are and give them a chance to try making different kinds of whiskey, if you’re looking for a new bourbon to try, consider New Riff Single-Barrel Bourbon.